Taxi com bebe: Taxi Baby | Making safe travel child’s play – Taxi Baby Co.

Taxi com bebe: Taxi Baby | Making safe travel child’s play – Taxi Baby Co.

baby TAXI – Baby Taxi

The baby TAXI service or taxi with child seat started in Greece in 2015 and has, ever since, transported thousands of children with their parents. The baby TAXI service is available in Athens and Thessaloniki, and we hope to expand to other cities in Greece soon. This is an innovative idea in the field of transportation, which fully covers the needs of every family with young children.

  • Security and trust

    Our cars are always clean and well maintained. After each use, the entire interior of the car is cleaned and disinfected before the next trip.

  • Cleaning and disinfection

    Cleaning and disinfection are performed with certified organic products, completely safe for children and parents.

  • Properly trained drivers

    All our drivers are properly trained and know how to adjust the child seat to each child’s body, so that it is fully protected, without feeling uncomfortable. Loose straps that do not fit snugly on the child’s body offer minimal protection.

  • High quality child seats

    Suitable child seats are always used depending on the age, weight or height of the child. Call us, inform us about the age and weight of the child, so that your taxi always comes with the proper seat. All child seats are of excellent quality and meet all international safety standards.

  • High quality services at an affordable cost

    The positive feedback from our customers proves that we do our job efficiently without hidden charges.

  • Appointment

    Service by appointment so as not to waste your precious time looking for a taxi in the city, at the airport or at the port.

These are taxis that deal exclusively with the transportation of small children, ie children who need a child seat for their safety.

We are parents ourselves, and, thus, we know first-hand how to keep children or babies happy and safe when transported by taxi.

The baby TAXI service offers top taxi services for children in Athens and Thessaloniki.

We cover all ages from transporting newborns from the maternity hospital, up to children 7 years old, or of 1 meter and 35 cm in height, which is the maximum for a child seat.

The cost of the service varies depending on the pick-up point, the distance of the route and the waiting time that may be required. Contact us, give us the details of the route and we will inform you about the cost.

Common transfers involve 1 or 2 parents, along with 1 or 2 children who need a child seat. However, baby TAXI has larger vehicles too, which can meet the needs of large families or groups.

We invite you to try baby TAXI and see the difference that our service makes on a trip to the city with your children. We know that your children are precious and deserve the best. We work hard to provide the safest, most reliable, and best taxi service with child seat in Athens and Thessaloniki. Soon in other cities too.

App GoPass | Mobilidade & Segurança

App GoPass | Mobilidade & Segurançaweb templates free download

Sobre o GoPass


GoPass surge do atendimento segmentado de transporte de crianças com seus responsáveis, onde a segurança das crianças e o respeito às mulheres, mães e pais sempre foram a nossa prioridade. Agora atendemos também os demais tipos de passageiros com o devido cuidado e atenção que todos merecem!

Serviços Personalizados

Você escolhe suas viagens conforme suas necessidades e preferências. Corridas imediatas, agendadas ou assinatura mensal para destinos recorrentes.

Motoristas Qualificados

Nosso processo de aprovação de motoristas é extremamente criterioso e rigoroso. Além disso, oferecemos excelentes remunerações para incentivo de todos os motoristas. Em nosso app, você escolhe se quer ser atendido por motoristas mulheres ou ambos os gêneros.

Tarifas Competitivas

Oferecemos tarifas conforme os usuários já estão acostumados a pagar, variando conforme a exclusividade do serviço. E sempre oferecendo descontos e promoções.

Nossos Serviços

Veja os diferentes tipos de viagens do GoPass!

Viagens Comuns

Corridas usuais para todos os tipos de passageiros. 

Mulheres Passageiras

Corridas para a mulher passageira que deseja apenas motoristas mulheres.

Crianças com responsáveis

Carros equipados com cadeirinhas e assentos para transporte de crianças com responsáveis.

Plano de Assinatura

Motorista exclusivo mensal para corridas recorrentes. Tenha seu motorista particular!

Baixe o App GoPass

Mobilidade para 

toda a família!

Plano Assinatura de Corridas Recorrentes

Para você que precisa de um

motorista particular para seus destinos recorrentes! Seja para levar e buscar seu filho ao colégio, creche ou atividades extracurriculares. Seja para te levar e buscar ao trabalho. Temos um Plano ideal que se adequa a todo membro da sua família!


Escolha o tipo de Plano

Para crianças, adolescentes, adultos ou idosos.


Preencha as informações

Preencha os dados, os endereços de origem e destino, os dias e horários das corridas.


Receba o Orçamento

Em 10 segundos você receberá o orçamento do plano mensal em seu e-mail.

Nosso compromisso

O GoPass tem como missão a segurança e qualidade para nossos passageiros e uma distribuição de renda justa para nossos motoristas parceiros.  

Insegurança em

outros apps

Verificação de motoristas e passageiros GoPass
Distribuição de renda para motoristas GoPass
Segurança no app GoPass 

Baixar o app

Escolha o serviço que mais se encaixa a sua corrida do dia a dia e

#VádeGoPass !

 Na mídia

Algumas matérias sobre o GoPass / BabyPass em grandes veículos de comunicação



Dúvidas frequentes


Trabalhe em segurança
Ganhe até 97% de comissão
Treinamentos e workshops gratuitos

Ainda tem dúvida?

Entre em contato!



DDD + Celular 


Death cab for Cutie — Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, the

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nine0023 Death cab for Cutie

Death Taxi for Cutie

That night Cutie called a cab, uh huh huh
(Baby, don’t do it)
She left her East Side room so drab, uh huh huh
She went out on the town
Knowin’ it would make her lover frown
(Death-cab for Cutie)
(Death-cab for Cutie)
Someone’s gonna make you pay your fare night, mm mm mm
(Baby, don’t do it)
His eyes in the mirror, keepin’ Cutie in sight, uh huh huh
(Baby, don’t do it)
When he saw Cutie, it gave him a thrill
Don’t you know, baby, curves can kill
(Death-cab for Cutie)
(Death-cab for Cutie)
Someone’s gonna make you pay your fare

Cutie, don’t you play with fate
Don’t leave your lover alone
If you go out on this date
His heart will turn to stone

Bad girl, Cutie, what have you done, uh huh huh
(Baby, don’t do it)
Slippin’ slidin’ down-a Highway 31, mm mm mm
(Baby, don’t do it)
The traffic lights changed from green to red
They tried to stop, but they both wound up dead
(Death-cab for Cutie)
(Death-cab for Cutie)

Someone’s gonna make you pay your fare
Someone’s gonna make you pay your fare
Someone’s gonna make you pay your fare

. .

That night, Cutie called a taxi, ah-hah,
(Baby, don’t do it)
She left her East Side number so fast, ah-hah
(Baby, don’t do it)
She left town,
Her lover will frown when she finds out,
(Death taxi for Cuties)
(Death Taxi for Cuties)
Someone will make you pay the fare.

Taxi rushing through the darkness of the night, mm mm mm
(Baby, don’t do it)
His eyes in the mirror were only looking at Cutie, ah hah hah
(Baby, don’t do it)
When he saw Cutie, he had strong feelings
You know, baby, carelessness can kill
(Death Taxi for Cutie)
(Death Taxi for Cutie)
Someone will make you pay the fare

Sweetheart, don’t play with fate,
Don’t leave your lover alone,
If you leave on this day,
His heart will turn to stone.

Bad girl, Honey, what have you done, ah-hah
(Baby, don’t do it)
Running away sliding down highway 31, mm mm mm
(Baby, don’t do this)
The traffic lights changed from green to red,
They tried to stop, but they both died.
(Death Taxi for Cutie)
(Death Taxi for Cutie)

Someone will make you pay the fare
Someone will make you pay the fare
Someone will make you pay the fare

Someone will make you pay fare
Aaaaa oooo…

Translated by Anna Zykova

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Death Cab for Cutie

Rating: 5 / 5
1 opinions


Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, the

Tracklist (1)

  • Death cab for Cutie

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The check from the taxi gave «Grushnikov» to the Dutch. But not everyone believes it

On Thursday, October 4, Dutch intelligence agencies said they had exposed four members of the Russian GRU and expelled them from the country in April, but one of the pieces of evidence that gave away alleged officers attracted the most attention to this story. This is a receipt from a taxi from the alleged headquarters of the GRU to Sheremetyevo Airport. And while some users of social networks make fun of the unprofessionalism of possible agents, others do not understand how you can believe that this story is real. nine0005

The Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) announced on October 4 that it had successfully foiled a cyberattack by Russian intelligence agencies against the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in April. At the same time, four Russians with diplomatic passports were expelled from Holland, whom the MIVD now accuses of working for Russian intelligence, writes RTL Nieuws.

Prosecutors allege that one of the pieces of evidence that helped unmask the agents was a taxi receipt showing that they went to the Netherlands straight from a building that the MIVD believes belongs to the Main Directorate of the General Staff (formerly the GRU). nine0005

Be Taxi, where this check was issued, confirmed that it was genuine. This was reported by the publication RBC. And the mocking reaction in social networks was not long in coming. It was just aimed at different things. Some users believed in the version of events described by MIVD. Users began to ridicule the alleged agents for such a ridiculous puncture.

Especially often they joked about why the Russians might need this check. Most commenters thought they wanted to take it to the accounting department to be reimbursed. nine0005

But not everyone believed in the version of the Dutch special services. Some users were not even sure that such checks even existed.

Other users were aware that taxi drivers could issue these checks. But here’s the story that trained undercover employees could get caught so stupidly, they found it completely implausible.

It was also doubtful how the MIVD determined that it was the headquarters of the GRU at the address indicated on the check and that the owner of the check left it from there. nine0005

And sometimes there are posts on the net that intelligence officers have whole proven methods aimed at preventing such situations.

More recently, another investigation involving alleged Russian agents has come into the spotlight. But the investigation, designed to prove that Petrov and Boshirov, accused of poisoning former GRU officer Sergei Skripal, are themselves connected with the special services, also caused strong skepticism among its readers — there were too many questions left.

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