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Yoga Center of Chico



The Yoga Center of Chico is a center dedicated to offering yoga in the Krishnamacharya tradition, emphasizing Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga based Vinyasa Yoga.

We seek to provide the highest quality teachers, the best facility and to serve the community. It is our belief that the ancient practice of yoga can transform us individually and collectively.

We dedicate ourselves to offering the highest quality service to the Chico community.


“Yoga is the golden key which unlocks the door to peace, tranquility, and joy.” — BKS Iyengar

Book and Buy Classes

We also offer private sessions with one of our talented instructors.

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Class Rates

Drop-In $20 / Student — Senior (70+) $16
5 Class Card $85 / Student — Senior (70+) $75
10 Class Card $130 / Student — Senior (70+) $120
Monthly Unlimited $120 per month
1 Year Unlimited* $110 per month

*Only available for purchase at the Yoga Center

Class Schedule

Private Yoga Sessions

60 minutes, $100

3 60-minute sessions, $270

Deepen your yoga practice by receiving in-depth, one-on-one guidance from one of our instructors. Private sessions may focus on developing an asana sequence to recover from injuries or surgery, yoga therapeutics for a wide variety of ailments, refining specific asanas, and/or developing a home practice.


Tom Hess

Iyengar YOGA

Tom has been a certified Iyengar yoga teacher since 1995. He loves the way Iyengar yoga can speak to the spirit of the student through the body. Tom is always trying the find the perfect balance where he leads the student towards yoga and then allows the student find it themselves. Yoga has provided a path of purpose for Tom and he will always be grateful for that blessing.

Rex Stromness

Ashtanga-based Vinyasa Yoga 

Rex began practicing yoga in the 1970’s with his first introduction while attending CSU Sonoma. He has studied and practiced a variety of different styles including Sivananda, Tri-Yoga, Iyengar and Integral Yoga but he considers Ashtanga to be his main influence.

Rex has been teaching yoga for the last 25 years and founded the Yoga Center of Chico in 2013 with Tom Hess. He also teaches yoga and mindfulness at CSU Chico, practices Deep Tissue Massage, and leads retreats around the world.

Learn More

Lisa McKinley -Weber

dynamic vinyasa flow yoga

Lisa is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level through Northern California Yoga Institute. Lisa’s teaching style is deeply rooted in alignment based principles blending classical yoga and meditation practices with contemporary exercise science and fitness methods to establish optimal health, wellness, fitness and spiritual awareness. Her classes are a playful mix of dynamic vinyasa flow integrating alignment, core work, breathing techniques as well as basic entry level poses. She encourages students to find the balance between ease and effort, strength and surrender in each sequence.

Learn More

Kalaka Brittan-Rasmussen

vinyasa yoga

Kalaka is devoted to finding peace of body, mind, and soul through yoga and meditation. Kalaka began practicing meditation 30 years ago and yoga 23 years ago. He has had a committed practice over the last decade. Kalaka is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing all that he believes yoga has to offer, based upon his lived experience of how yoga can transform us in the most amazing ways. He is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher at the 200 hour level, graduating with distinction for academic excellence from Spira Yoga School. Kalaka is deeply curious about and interested in the profound truths explained in the traditional philosophy and practice of yoga. He blends a classical approach to yoga with his own modern interpretation of traditional methods and styles, developing a unique practice of vinyasa yoga. Kalaka’s personal practice and teaching style is deeply rooted in the Krishnamacharya tradition as it has been passed down to us in modern times. Kalaka follows the path of yoga for his own continued personal growth and spiritual unfolding with the intention to be of loving service to the community at large.

Maureen Crowley

PreNatal yoga

Maureen Crowley began practicing Yoga in 2003 and received her teacher training certification from the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 2008. She specializes in Gentle & Restorative Yoga as well as Family-Focused Yoga which includes Family Yoga, Prenatal, Yoga with Baby, and Children’s Yoga classes. Maureen Crowley received her Pre& Postnatal Teaching certification from the esteemed Santa Barbara Yoga Center under the guidance of Siddhi Ellinghoven in 2008. She has 4 beautiful children and benefited greatly from her Yoga practice throughout each pregnancy, labor, and postpartum time.

Amy Antongiovanni

vinyasa yoga

Amy Antongiovanni has been teaching and practicing yoga since 1997 in the Bay Area and in Chico.
Her practice and training has roots in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Drawing on a variety of teacher trainings and workshops over the years. Amy integrates what she has learned from her many teachers into her
yoga classes, emphasizing proper alignment, breathing techniques, and consistent attention to cultivating compassion and

Amy Ford

Gentle yoga

Amy Ford’s practice and training date back over 20 years and have roots in Iyengar, Anasura, and Hatha yoga. She is a dedicated yoga instructor who has been teaching classes to youth, educators, and members of the Chico and Grass Valley communities since 2012. She holds multiple CA K-12 teaching credentials and is an experienced bilingual educator. As such, she frequently contributes to mindfulness curriculum in schools. Amy also holds a MA in Education and her instruction is based on experience, reflection, and a dedication to yoga studies. 

Her classes focus on deepening awareness, breath and movement synchronization, and generally strengthening the body. Her aim is to help students align all aspects of being and allow for healing, changing perspectives, and growth.

Theresa Markwood

Iyengar yoga

“Yoga is the union of the individual self with the universal self. ” — BKS Iyengar

View our upcoming events and workshops in yoga, meditation, and retreats abroad.

Lets Get in Touch

Come visit us at 250 Vallombrosa, Suite 150, Chico, CA 95926

Call us at (530) 342-0100

Be social with us!

Shoot us an email!

Events archive | «TOT» yoga center


Musical clock «Immersion in Gayatri»

December 10, Sun, 8.00, Kolomenskaya 14. Duration — 2 hours. Address: Kolomenskaya 14, «Yoto» Society. Continue reading “Musical clock “Immersion in Gayatri”” →

Intensive arm balance class with Alexey Shikov

The lesson will take place on October 25, from 20:30 to 23:00 on Nevsky, 30. At the intensive there will be a practice with a large number of balances on the hands, the participants will learn how to correctly integrate them into yoga practice. Continue reading “Intensive Hand Balance Lesson with Alexey Shikov” →

Master class on the basics of pranayama

We invite you to visit Mikhail Shkuro’s Master Class. Theory and practice for all October 7 at Kolomenskaya, 14. From 17-30 to 19:00. Continue reading «Master class on the basics of pranayama» →

Introductory course on Iyengar yoga with Valeria Vasilyeva

Suitable for both beginners who are just getting acquainted with the practice of yoga, and experienced practitioners who are interested in adjusting asanas.

21.10, 22.10, 28.10, 29.10 at 19:00, 14 Kolomenskaya st.

Yoga therapy and physical rehabilitation of the joints

At the cycle of thematic classes you will get acquainted with the practice at the intersection of yoga therapy methods and modern physical rehabilitation. October 5, 12, 19 and 26 (Thursdays), at 19:00, Nevsky 30. Continue reading “Yoga therapy and physical rehabilitation of the joints” →

Wonderful Shankh-Prakshalana

We invite those who wish to undergo a cleansing procedure Shankh-Prakshalana October 15, 2017

Address: Kolomenskaya, 14 Read more «Wonderful Shankh-Prakshalana» →

Course of practical yoga therapy: “My back hurts. What to do?»

Leading teacher and author of the course — Zhanna Saprygina — doctor, yoga therapist, teacher of the IVMR yoga therapy course. From October 16 to December 22, 2017 in the hall on Nevsky, 30. Read more “Practical yoga therapy course: “My back hurts. What to do?”» →

From attention to unity (dharana, dhyana, samadhi)

Seminar on August 12 from 11.00 to 17.00. Address: Nevsky prospect 30. Continue reading “From attention to unity (dharana, dhyana, samadhi)” →

7-day tent “Yoga 108 Camp” on Ladoga

July 27 — August 2, 2017 Continue reading “7-day tent “Yoga 108 Camp” on Ladoga” →

«Unity with oneself» — yoga on the banks of Ladoga

From June 30 to July 2, we invite you to join us for a useful rest from the bustle of the city, on the banks of the magical Ladoga with an excellent guide on the path of yoga Antonina Mironova-Tikhomirova.
Continue reading ““Unity with oneself” — yoga on the banks of Ladoga” →

Musical clock «Immersion in Gayatri»

July 1, 8:00, Kolomenskaya 14, on Yarilo — on the day of supernatural phenomena. Continue reading “Musical clock “Immersion in Gayatri”” →

Open lesson in respiratory and joint gymnastics June 25,

Dear friends! Sunday 25.06. there will be an open lesson in respiratory and joint gymnastics. Free admission. The teacher is Tagir Mingaleev. Continue reading “Open lesson in respiratory and joint gymnastics on June 25” →

Regular Ashtanga yoga master classes with Igor Krasilchuk

We would like to inform you that from June 29, Igor Krasilchuk’s Ashtanga yoga master classes will start on the basis of regular classes.
Continue reading “Regular Ashtanga yoga master classes with Igor Krasilchuk” →

tradition or necessity? — Yoga news. Asanas. Philosophy. Healthy food.

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The tradition of doing barefoot is one of the distinguishing features for all styles and directions of yoga. We take off our shoes before entering the yoga room and, once on the mat, we get rid of socks, remaining barefoot. Is it worth looking for the reasons for this in the traditions of the country of origin of yoga, India. Or there is a more utilitarian explanation, the teacher’s request to stay on the mat with bare feet.

The first reason is simple — hygiene. Unlike fitness training, where you work out in sneakers, on a yoga mat you not only stand on your feet, but also lie down. In various asanas, not only your feet are in contact with the mat, but also your body and even your face. The soles of our shoes carry dirt. Even if you use a change of shoes when changing shoes in the hallway, you cannot ensure complete cleanliness. Even with a change of shoes, you interact with the area where people enter in street shoes, and also visit the restrooms.

Sometimes, the need to stay barefoot is the reason not to go to the yoga room for fear of fungal diseases. However, if the rules of hygiene are observed, such a danger does not exist. In order for the skin of your feet to always remain healthy, it is enough to wash your feet with soap and dry them when you return home. It is also necessary to wear clean socks every day, and keep both street and indoor shoes clean by washing or spraying them regularly.

Another solution to this fear can be the use of an individual rug.


If you have a problem with foot or nail fungus. Seek help from natural essential oils. Tea tree oil completely heals the skin and nails, while not having side effects and addiction.

The second very important reason to go barefoot is safety. Now for classes, as a rule, they use high-quality rugs. These rugs have good anti-slip properties. This is necessary so that you do not slip while spreading your legs with a jump. And also, to ensure the necessary adhesion of the foot to the mat for good support and, as a result, the quality performance of the asana.

Of course, in addition to utilitarian reasons, there are also cultural and even esoteric aspects of barefoot practice. In a more divine and less worldly explanation, by exposing our feet, we demonstrate humility, before the Lord and before the sacred space of the yoga hall, which opens its doors to us. This is a way to show your best qualities: respect, discipline, devotion, and at the same time give yourself the opportunity to feel the Earth, which takes us for our dedication and practice.

Another reason is the sensitivity of the soles of the feet. It is said that more than seven thousand nerve endings are located in this part of our body, and from the point of view of oriental medicine, the entire body is reflected in the soles of the feet. That is, each nerve point located on the foot is connected to an organ or part of our body … Head on the thumb, ears on the little finger, genitals on the heels, etc.

On a much more subtle level, bare feet allow your own energy flow to more freely accompany all the changes that occur during yoga practice. Bare feet provide a vital exchange of energy between you, solar energy and the energy of the Earth. Bare feet maximize this energy flow, helping to cleanse and revitalize all of your body’s structures. They help us consciously connect to the Earth, our cradle. If you’re doing yoga in a park or other outdoor space, removing your socks will allow you to feel the textures of nature, allowing that energy to nurture you.

Sometimes, especially if you live in a cold climate, it is difficult to force yourself to remove your socks. You can stay in your socks in those positions where there is no danger of slipping and twisting your leg.

When you’re ready, you can take them off and experience the freedom of your feet and all their sensitivity.

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