Keiran: Keiran — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Keiran: Keiran — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Keiran — Baby Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

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Spelling variation of Kieran

«little dark one»

Keiran Origin and Meaning

The name Keiran is boy’s name of Irish origin meaning «little dark one».

While Kieran is the class and most-used male form of this name, some people spell it Keiran in keeping with the female Keira, the version popularized by the gorgeous Ms. Knightley.

Keiran Popularity

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Famous People Named Keiran

  • Keiran Zac MurtaghAntiguan footballer
  • Keiran BreslinAmerican soccer player

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Quests «Kairan» in the game The Witcher 2




  • Quest Keiran: price question
  • Quest “Keiran: tenecost”
  • How to kill Kayran — The Witcher 2
  • How to hold on at the end of a fight
  • Quest walkthrough video Keiran
  • The Kayran is one of the quests in The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, which you will encounter almost immediately upon arrival in Flotsam. During the passage of the task, the witcher will meet one of the very powerful sorceresses and even fight side by side with her. And besides the sorceress, he will meet a huge monster that terrorizes the city and the entire district. The boss fight is very difficult even on the “Easy” difficulty level, so you have to work hard. This quest also includes 3 different quests — «Kairan», «Kairan: A Matter of Price» and «Keiran: Tenecost». The second and third tasks are not even missions, but sub-items of the main quest. All this, as well as tips on how to kill the monster, you can read in this walkthrough. Let’s get started!

    Quest «Kairan» — detailed walkthrough of missions

    Quest «Kairan» will start automatically after you talk in the tavern with friends who were saved from execution — Zoltan and Buttercup. A conversation in a tavern will be interrupted by a man running in, shouting that a monster has attacked Flotsam. Triss, who was next to you, will also add that she feels like someone is using magic nearby, and you need to urgently find out what’s wrong.

    Leave the inn through the door that leads to the harbor and a cutscene will immediately start with a huge tentacle emerging from the water and hitting the pier. In addition to him, there will be a woman who fights with this same monster.

    Attention! If you completed the task “Indecent Proposal”, then you already know that the magician’s name is Sheala. If not, then I still recommend that you complete this quest first before fighting the monster. For what? During the quest, you will meet a person from whom you will learn how to make a trap for the Kayran, which will greatly simplify the fight with the boss. When you see Sheala, immediately run to her. The monster will retreat, and now you need to approach a group of people and start a conversation, or wait until they speak to you themselves. A group of peasants surrounded by Sheala will quarrel, and one man will even reproach the magician for not helping his friend, whom the monster almost dragged into the water.

    We have a short conversation with the indignant one: we can offer him to kill the monster himself, intimidate or charm Aksiy. In general — any option is suitable. The peasant will quickly fall behind our company, and Ludwig Mercs will come up instead of him, who will offer Geralt to kill the monster. As for payment, you will need to negotiate with the merchants at the pier. After this dialogue, you will receive the first subquest “Kairan: A Matter of Price”, which will help us earn extra money and take the Kayran shell, but more on that later.

    We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the passage of the quest Clear Night. When this resident of the city is finished, Triss will present the White Wolf to Sheale. After discussing the plan, you will learn that one of the elves, Cedric, who has useful information, can help us in killing Kayran. On this, Sheala will leave, and Triss will offer to go straight to the elf.

    Quest Keiran: a question of price

    Since we are at the pier, let’s solve the issues with the merchants on the pier without leaving the ticket office. We approach the merchant we need and start a dialogue about Kayran and the reward. Zhmot, of course, will not want to pay the witcher extra for help, because the sorceress promised to do everything herself.

    The reward for the quest depends on your choices and answers. Moreover, it depends significantly, so let’s go through all the points. Options:

    • You can ask for a deposit for killing a monster. In this case, you will immediately receive 200 orens, and another 1300 after the actual kill.
    • If you say that in this case you are leaving, then the merchant himself will stop you and, so be it, agree to pay extra for the work. You will receive 200 orens if you asked for a deposit, and another 1300 after the task.
    • In order to double the reward, you need to either intimidate the merchant or use Aksiy. In this case, upon completion of the task, you will receive 2000 orens, which is a very impressive amount.

    At this point, negotiations with the merchants are completed, after killing the monster, we will return for the indicated reward. Now let’s go to Cedric.

    Immediately outside the gates of the city, a dialogue will begin with our red-haired companion, who will try to dissuade the witcher from killing Kayran and warn that nothing good should be expected from Sheala. But this conversation will not change anything, so let’s move on to the elf.

    Cedric is on the treetop. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to help us in battle, but it’s easy to help with advice. From him we learn important information about the location of Kayran, and Triss immediately teleports there, but Geralt will have to run himself.

    Attention! Remember I mentioned the quest “Indecent Proposal”? It is precisely Cedric who sells a drawing of an item that can help us in the fight with the boss. Buy the “Blueprint for the Kayran Trap” from him and craft it using the iron frame that you got in the “Indecent Proposal” quest. This will be useful to us later. Geralt is not a fan of teleports, so you have to go on foot. On the way, you will meet a camp of bandits, and, in fact, that’s all. Triss will already be waiting in place: after meeting her, go down the ledges, but be careful! As soon as you find yourself in a large open area, a flock of drowners will attack you. Triss will help you in battle, which will greatly simplify the task. In battle, use Quen, Igni and Aksiy to avoid getting hit on the head once again and quickly deal with the monsters.

    Quest “Keiran: Tenekost”

    After killing the attackers, head to the right of the ledges and use the medallion, which will highlight the required object. Triss will interrupt the witcher and decide to use a diagnostic spell, which will help us a lot in the future. From the spell, the sorceress realized that the monster was already dying, and indeed sick. He has another 10 years to live, but we can’t wait that long, so we’ll have to fight. The kayran also proved to be very poisonous, and to avoid being poisoned during the fight, Triss will give Geralt the formula for an elixir from the tenecost that will neutralize the poison. At the same moment, the second subtask will open — Keiran : tenecost .

    So, now we can go and fight with Kayran, but it’s better to prepare an elixir from the tenecost first, which will protect against poison in battle. The complexity of the elixir is that tenecost is a very rare component, and, of course, it is not for sale from ordinary merchants. Tenecost can be replaced with another ingredient, for example, the essence of death, but for this you need to complete the quest “In the Claws of Madness”, or with an endriag embryo under the “Contract for Endriag” contract. But this is all too long, so we will stick to the original plan — we go in search of tenecost!

    The elf already familiar to us, most likely, knows where to get rare moss, so we’ll ask him. From the dialogue we learn that, if such is found around Flotsam, then in the south of the forest in the caves. No sooner said than done, forward to the caves!

    The cave is located behind the waterfall, and, I warn you right away, there are a lot of nakers here. You will have to make your way deep into the cave through crowds of both ordinary nakers and warrior nakers, who have no end. Go forward until you notice the necessary moss on the wall.

    We return to the city and make the necessary elixir. The task “Keiran: Tenekost” will end here, which means that all the preparations have been made, it’s time to fight the creature!

    Sheala lives on the second floor of the tavern. We inform her that all preparations have been made, and all the information that has been collected, after which the game will teleport us to the place where Geralt and Triss collected mucus. Alone, without Sheala, the task will not be able to complete, so the choice is small. It’s time to find out how to get through the Keiran.

    Attention! Many players had a bug due to which, after teleporting, the battle with Kayran did not activate, just nothing happened. If you encounter this, you will have to ship back and teleport again.

    How to kill Kayran — The Witcher 2

    Be sure to save before the fight, and also use elixirs in advance, including the newly acquired Mongoose. Otherwise, you may be moved to the battle on the lower ledge and you will no longer be able to use elixirs. After finishing the last preparations, go down the ledges until a cut-scene starts with Sheala using magic and the appearance of Kayran. The bait worked perfectly, it turned out to call Keiran, there was only a little left — to win!

    The battle tactics are quite simple — use Quen to protect yourself from the blow, then put Yrden on the ground and wait for the monster to hit the trap with its tentacle. As soon as the tentacle falls into the trap, we quickly run and start chopping it until we cut it off. After that, it will start to rage, you will have to use all the dexterity, rolls and, of course, Quen. You will need to repeat this process three times, the “Keyran trap” that you crafted in advance can help us with this. She will immediately cut off one of the monster’s tentacles. You can also win without the trap, it just takes a little longer. If the monster is not killed, try to load before the fight and lower the difficulty of the game.

    How to hold on at the end of the fight

    Having lost three limbs, Keiran will start to rage so much that he will drop the bridge on himself. At this moment, a QTE scene will begin, in which Geralt needs to jump onto one of the tentacles and hold on (by pressing the left mouse button very quickly), then jump off the tentacle, being near the Kayran’s head. If the scale is not filled, then you will have to ship before the boss battle and remove the QTE difficulty in the game settings, which will make the fight much easier. Now all that remains is to run across the collapsed bridge to Kayran’s head and “feed” Kayran with a bomb that will finish him off. This will end the battle, and Sheala will congratulate the witcher on his victory and offer to take valuable materials — for us this is a trophy and the skin of Kayran.

    Having taken everything we need with Sheala, we return to the city. This completes the Kayran mission.

    Now it remains only to return to the merchants, get the second part of the money for ridding the city of the “curse” and, importantly, the blueprint of Kayran’s shell. This is a very good armor, I definitely advise you to forge it, because even the “killers of kings” need good equipment. Congratulations on the victory!

    Video of passing quests Kayran

    Tips for passing the game The Witcher 2. Kayran

    The story of the monster killer has already become a cult in the post-Soviet space. It is not surprising, because the adventures of Geralt of Rivia are completely saturated with the Slavic atmosphere, colorful characters and exciting quests, which cannot but please all fans of role-playing games. Unlike the first part, the sequel has got a lot more «bosses», the battles with which are quite unique and exciting. Overall, this is one of the most challenging and impressive spectacles in a game like The Witcher 2. Kayran is one of the first bosses, which we will talk about in our article.

    Mini-review of the game

    Back in 2007, CD Projekt studio rolled out the highest quality product to the public, earning the devoted love of fans and a big credit of trust. The sequel was a little delayed with the release, but 2011 reopened the doors to the amazing adventures of Geralt, embroiled in political strife. The game quickly throws us into the very epicenter of events, against which a civil war is unfolding. After the murder of the king, our gray-haired alter ego finds himself in a stalemate, because the murder was blamed on him, and the evidence was there. Nevertheless, at the behest of Vernon Roche, our hero still manages to avoid a fatal outcome, but on condition that he helps find the real killer.

    The Witcher 2 gives players an unforgettable experience, showing a truly fascinating story, interesting relationships between characters, a delightful atmosphere of the Slavic Middle Ages, and an excellent technological side, where graphics flaunt all the newfangled effects, and orchestral music will stay in your memory for a long time . As for the gameplay, then he took a major step forward. The combat system has been completely redesigned, with an emphasis on attacks and rolls. Plus, the magic that the signs perform here has also undergone significant changes. Most of the quests are multi-level, and there are several paths.

    «The Witcher 2» — how to defeat Kayran? Preparing for battle

    In addition to going through side quests to acquire the coveted experience and skills, you also have the opportunity to complete 2 quests that will help you in the battle with Kayran. First of all, during the «Indecent Proposal» quest, a man will approach your company with Vernon Roche, offering his help. After listening to him, you will learn that Loredo hides valuable material in the courtyard of the residence, which is part of the trap on the Kayran. A pointer will appear on the mini-map showing the location of the item. Take it, you’ll need it. Further description of the task you will read further.

    The second quest is the preparation of the «Mongoose» elixir, which protects Geralt from the harmful effects of the poisonous Kayran. To do this, you will have to find a tenecost. Where exactly? You can ask Cedric about it, or you can immediately go to the cave under the waterfall. There you will find a valuable plant. Prepare a potion in order to facilitate the passage of the game «The Witcher 2». Keiran will not forgive mistakes, and therefore it will take a long time to prepare and with high quality. Drink the elixir just before the battle and go to battle soon!

    «The Witcher 2» — how to kill Kayran

    We will receive the task to kill Kayran automatically after talking with Dandelion and Zoltan in the tavern. The quest goes through several stages, which we will tell you in more detail now. First of all, after a short conversation in the tavern, a short video showing the attack of the monster will be waiting for you. In the harbor, you will see a black-haired woman fighting the Kayran with magic. At the end of the cut-scene, you will need to talk to her and find out more detailed information about the monster. After that, a certain Ludwig Merce will come up to you, who will offer you to kill Kayran for the appropriate reward from the merchants. This unlocks a new quest in The Witcher 2 — Kayran: A Matter of Price. Next, we go to Cedric, who can tell you even more information about the monster. He lives in Bindyug — a poor quarter, located outside the city. Cedric will indicate the place of dwelling of Kayran, to which we will have to go.

    By the way, Cedric can sell you a blueprint for a trap for Kayran. If you complete the «Indecent Proposal» quest right before the battle with the monster and find an iron frame in the courtyard of Loredo, you can greatly alleviate your fate by creating such a useful item as a trap for Kayran. The Witcher 2 is a fairly complex game, so any help would be helpful.

    A crowd of drowners will meet you near the monster’s lair. We quickly deal with them and approach the unpleasant-looking essence. Triss will take a sample and point out to you that the Keiran is sick and very poisonous, and therefore some protection will be required. We have already written about the latter. If you have completed everything at the preparation point, you can go to Sheala, and then directly to the battlefield. When approaching the lair, drink all the necessary potions and get ready for the spectacle.

    When the battle starts, don’t stand still, because the monster is constantly trying to hit you with its tentacles. See the outgrowths on the tentacles? They must be destroyed. We remember the approximate trajectory of the blow, use the «Irden» sign and, when the monster is preparing to attack you, we quickly do a roll. After the tentacle is chained to the ground, cut it off. Don’t forget also that you can use a trap just by placing it on the battlefield. As soon as Kayran loses three tentacles, the QTE scene starts. Its sequence is as follows: RMB — LMB — Space. After the destruction of the bridge, you should climb its rubble and blow up the monster (Geralt will do this automatically). The battle is over! Take valuable items and follow to Flotsam for a reward.

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