Kristel’s Capabilities

​Kristel specializes in designing and manufacturing 2” to 65”+ integrated display solutions.  Kristel has extensive experience in optical bonding, touch screen integration and full system design including custom video interfaces and specialized software/firmware development. 

​Kristel has a strong background in Single Board Computer (SBC) incorporation, power supply design and implementation along with complete mechanical and chassis/frame design experience.  These capabilities allow you to design a customized open-frame display or a complex All-In-One (AIO) display system.

Manufacturing Operations

​Kristel has mirror production facilities in the USA and Taiwan to accommodate quick-turn prototyping and sustained low-cost production.   Class 1,000 clean rooms are utilized for all critical assembly steps.  All production facilities are ISO9001 certified and have extreme flexibility to manufacture high volume display systems ranging from simple to complex.

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Global Engineering 

Our global engineering staff specializes in customized product design and manufacturing including end product validations.  Kristel’s engineering staff will completely design your product to your exact requirements, or cooperatively design the product alongside your staff to achieve the custom designed display system that you require.  Our global engineering teams verify that all phases of product realization are completed on time with effective communication to you at each design step.

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Expertise in Optical Bonding

Kristel is a pioneer in optical bonding with over 28 years of bonding experience including bonding to touch screens and vandal glass.   Optical bonding benefits include increased contrast ratio, ruggedness, durability and sunlight readability via reduced screen glare.
Kristel uses a semi-automated and re-workable liquid optical bonding process which reduces work time and product change-over time in each station, allowing for maximized production output.  An advanced optical gel technology provides superb optical clarity and increased color saturation.  Our specialized quick-dry process is incorporated for increased throughput. 
This proprietary process has produced hundreds of thousands of Kristel bonded displays,
already in the field, with excellent proven reliability!

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She puts her feminine wiles to work in an unscrupulous quest for material gain. This cautionary tale raises the question of boundaries and of what is morally appropriate in achieving one’s g. .. Read allShe puts her feminine wiles to work in an unscrupulous quest for material gain. This cautionary tale raises the question of boundaries and of what is morally appropriate in achieving one’s goals.She puts her feminine wiles to work in an unscrupulous quest for material gain. This cautionary tale raises the question of boundaries and of what is morally appropriate in achieving one’s goals.

    • Lou Di Giorgio
    • Lou Di Giorgio
  • Stars
    • Karin Brauns
    • Maria Forslin
    • Lindsey Bryce
    • Lou Di Giorgio
    • Lou Di Giorgio
  • Stars
    • Karin Brauns
    • Maria Forslin
    • Lindsey Bryce
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    Christelle Dabo’s biography — creativity and personal life of the author, read on LitRes

    About the author

    Christel Dabo is a modern writer of French origin, the author of the popular series of fantasy novels Through the Mirrors.

    Brief information

    Christelle Dabo was born in 1980 on the Côte d’Azur, France, in a family of musicians. She spent her childhood in Cannes. Dabo has always loved to read and still calls herself a professional reader rather than a writer. In an interview with the KompasGid publishing house, Christel says that she «literally grew up with a book in her hand.» In adolescence, she was content to be alone, afraid of her peers and running away from the «raw and superficial reality» into creativity. But writing books ended up being an act of coming to terms with oneself, and Dabo now relates very well to his young audience. nine0005

    The girl began to invent her first stories in her student years, at the same time she became a member of the Internet community of authors Silver Plume (“Silver Pen”). Dabo wrote fanfiction, communicated with like-minded people, read their works and sent chapters of her book for criticism. In 2005 Christel moved to Belgium and was going to work as a librarian. She says that in France, local libraries not only provide people with books, but also give access to the Internet, films and music. In Belgium, libraries are involved in the CRACS program, they fulfill the goals of «lifelong education» and the formation of civil society. nine0005

    Unfortunately, Christelle fell seriously ill and had to postpone her dream. The girl spent a long time in the hospital, where her passion for literature literally saved her. During rehabilitation, creativity became the main occupation of Dabo.

    Magnificent Stories of a Writer

    Christelle Dabo was a finalist in the first French competition for young authors, ahead of 1362 entries. Her tetralogy «Through the Mirrors» has already managed to win the hearts of readers around the world. nine0005

    The Through the Looking Glass novels, published in French from 2013 to 2019, have earned great love from fantasy fans and have also earned Dabo nominations for several literary awards. Today, Internet users draw illustrations for her books, write stories based on them, and even arrange themed parties. Russian-speaking readers got acquainted with the books «Betrothed by the Cold», «Secrets of the Pole» and «Memory of Babylon» in 2018.

    Kristel Dabo’s books contain references to many popular modern works: they are compared with the A Song of Ice and Fire cycle, the Harry Potter series of books, Jules Verne novels, Wes Anderson films … Reviews of the Through the Looking Glass cycle are full of comparisons and One thing is unanimously said about this: it is simply impossible to break away from Dabo’s books. Her characters are incredibly bright and lively, the magical world is worked out in detail, and the plot is full of intrigue. nine0005

    Similar authors

    Ray Bradbury

    Boris Akunin

    Maria Metlitskaya

    Vadim Panov

    Marina Surzhevskaya

    History Kristel NEAN: Why did the French journalist moved to the Donbass, bought a house and became a citizen of the DPR CRISTEL CREASTEL.

    foreign media, but faced censorship. And I made my own website. / Ruslan Melnikov

    The house under the slag heap belongs to the French journalist Christel Nean, who connected her life with Donetsk by buying real estate in the city at war. nine0005

    We pass into the house. At the door I am met by a huge, but quite friendly dog ​​named Luna — from a local shelter. Instead of an evening dress, the Frenchwoman always has a bulletproof vest and a helmet at hand. In the closet — a gift from friends — a Christelle doll in camouflage. «Mini me» — that’s what the journalist calls her. A DPR flag hangs on the wall, and a Russian flag hangs above the desk. I don’t see French anywhere. Christel explains:

    — It’s because I’m ashamed of France. She was the guarantor of the Minsk agreements, and recently a representative of the Elysee Palace announced that France has been providing weapons to Ukraine for several years. How then could peace be guaranteed? It is not right. However, the fact that Western countries are wrong, I realized a long time ago. That’s why I’m here. nine0005

    How did this understanding come about?

    Christel Nahan: I followed the events on the Maidan and the beginning of the war in Donbass, compared the information coming from the Western media with the information of Russian channels and independent journalists, and quickly realized that our media were lying. Moreover, from the very beginning, when we were told that civilians were protesting on the Maidan, and bottles with a Molotov cocktail were flying into the Berkut. And in the chevrons of «Azov» (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation. — Ed.), I recognized Nazi symbols. I saw what the Ukrainian military did in Donbass in 2014 and was shocked that our countries support war crimes. I started spreading information about this, and my opponents reproached me for succumbing to Russian propaganda and not knowing the truth about what was happening. So the idea arose that you need to see everything with your own eyes and tell the world about what you saw. nine0005

    The more I became interested in Russia and Donbass, the more I realized that my soul was Russian. But I had a good job, salary, prospects … For about a month I could not find a place for myself, I weighed all the pros and cons. And in the end, in March 2016, she went to Donetsk.

    So you deliberately refused a quiet life in Europe and a good salary?

    Christel Nean: Yes, after much thought, I realized that my place is here. You see, life is not a question of salary. There must be some meaning in a person’s life, and benefit in work. I want my work to be useful. nine0005

    I support the special operation because I saw what happened in the Donbass. Ukraine did not comply with the Minsk agreements, did not stop shelling

    Did you know Russian when you arrived in Donbass?

    Christel Nean: Only at the level of «hello», «thank you», «please». I traveled to Russia by car through the Baltic States and communicated at the border with the help of a translator in my smartphone. They explained to me that I could not bring in more than 50 kilograms of cargo. I had to throw away everything else. It was hard to choose what to leave. For example, out of several books, I took only two. One is about permaculture, that is, a reasonable way of farming, this idea is very close to me. And the second is my own historical fiction novel. By the way, it was written shortly before the events on the Maidan, and the main character makes a journey through Novgorod and Kyiv of the Viking Age. nine0005

    Did what you saw in Donbass with your own eyes correspond to what you expected to see?

    Kristel Nean: Complete. I was convinced that I made the right choice. And immediately began to work in the war zone. Spartak, Zaitsevo, Yasinovataya, other «hot spots» on the line of contact. At first, colleagues, volunteer translators, helped a lot. At first, I prepared materials for a news agency operating in the DPR. I tried to cooperate with a foreign platform, but they began to censor my materials, and I made my own website, gained an audience. She also posted her videos on YouTube, but videos are often blocked there. nine0005

    It’s hard to be a freelance journalist these days. They are trying to discredit us, they are trying to present us as Russian propagandists. But it is difficult to defeat us in the information war, because we give real facts that are difficult to refute.

    If in the reports the residents of the territories from which the Ukrainian military were driven out say that they were shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and sincerely welcome the Russian military and DPR fighters, what can be countered with this? We have already become a big problem for the official Western media, the views of our videos are growing. nine0005

    Before the special operation, 1200 people subscribed to my YouTube channel. Now, even with the censorship and deletion of videos, there are 40,200 of them. Many people make copies or cuts of my videos and distribute them on the Web. For example, an interview with Chechens in Mariupol managed to gain 150,000 views before being blocked by YouTube. After all, in the West, the Kadyrovites were perceived as barbarians, and the interviews showed calm, polite people, about whom, by the way, the Mariupol residents themselves spoke well. And when the video was blocked, I saw many copies of it on social networks. As a result, according to my calculations, 1-2 million people could watch the video. nine0005

    What explains such interest of the Western audience in the materials of independent journalists?

    Kristel Nahan: I think that since the pandemic, people do not trust the official media. And the topic of Ukraine only reinforced this mistrust. Polls show that only 30-40 percent of Westerners trust their media. And in such conditions, in order not to completely lose their audience, they are also forced, at least a little, but still to give truthful information. So, for example, even the official mass media began to gradually admit that there is a problem of Nazism in Ukraine and that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to win the conflict with Russia. nine0005

    I think my work contributes to this as well. I show real facts and can judge by a change in the perception of the situation, at least among my relatives. At first they thought I was crazy, but now, having seen my reports, they understand how false Western propaganda is. I always say this: a lie is understood on the elevator, and the truth is understood on the stairs. But she will always get to the right floor.

    You bought a house, «rooted» to this land. Why?

    Christel Nean: I have already said that my soul is Russian and my place is here. Besides, it’s not safe for me to go back to France now. And not only to me. German journalist Alina Lipp, who worked here, is facing a three-year prison sentence. My colleague from France, who also covered the situation in the DPR, had her bank account closed and her contract at the university not renewed. Another French journalist who tried to write the truth was fired and is now not hired by any major media outlet. My account with a Western bank was also blocked, and the French Foreign Ministry threatened to sue me for organizing a group in support of Donbass. I have the citizenship of the DPR and the Russian Federation and the validity of my French passport is expiring, but I won’t be able to renew it. If I apply to the consulate, they will tell me that I live on the territory of Ukraine, so all issues need to be resolved in Kyiv. In general, the example of Assange testifies to how dangerous it is to be an independent journalist in the West. nine0005

    How do you feel about the special operation?

    Kristel Nean: I support her because I saw what happened in Donbass. Ukraine did not comply with the Minsk agreements and practically did not stop shelling civilians. I think we need to go to Odessa, Kharkov and beyond in order to push the danger away from the Russian borders to the maximum. Moreover, Ukraine receives long-range systems from the West, and they already want to mobilize everyone into the Ukrainian army, including women and the disabled.

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