Lemuel significado: Origen y significado del nombre Lemuel

Lemuel significado: Origen y significado del nombre Lemuel

Significado de LEMUEL | Que es Según la Biblia



La Biblia

LEMUEL según la Biblia: «consagrado a Dios».

Autor de Pr. 31, capítulo en el que recuerda las instrucciones de su madre. Acerca de su identidad, los hay que en lugar de traducir el vocablo que sigue a «rey Lemuel» como «la profecía», lo dejarían como nombre propio, leyendo Lemuel rey de Massa, identificándolo como rey del reino de Massa (Gn. 25:14)

«consagrado a Dios».

Autor de Pr. 31, capítulo en el que recuerda las instrucciones de su madre. Acerca de su identidad, los hay que en lugar de traducir el vocablo que sigue a «rey Lemuel» como «la profecía», lo dejarían como nombre propio, leyendo Lemuel rey de Massa, identificándolo como rey del reino de Massa (Gn. 25:14), hijo de Ismael, y supuestamente cabeza de una tribu o jeque de un territorio.

Sin embargo, se usa el mismo término, «la profecía», «massã’», acerca de las palabras de Agur hijo de Jaqué (Gn. 30:1), lo que milita en contra de esta postura. Otros toman la postura de que Lemuel es un título dado a Salomón, a quien se atribuye entonces la paternidad de Pr. 30 y 31.

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Lemuel SIGNIFICADO DEL NOMBRE — Lemuel Name Meaning in spanish

Lemuel is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Lemuel name meaning in Spanish is Pertenecer a Dios; Dedicado al Señor. Lemuel name meaning in Spanish, popularity and rank stands at and lucky number for Lemuel is 5.

Lemuel Spanish Meaning

Name Lemuel
Gender Boy
Meaning Beloging to God; Devoted to the Lord
Origin Hindi
Lucky # 5
nombre Lemuel
género Chico
sentido Pertenecer a Dios; Dedicado al Señor
origen hindi
suerte # 5

Lemuel Name Meaning in English

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Lemuel Significados conocidos en español — El significado del nombre es Pertenecer a Dios; Dedicado al Señor. Este es el nombre del Chico. Las raíces y los orígenes del nombre están vinculados con la lengua árabe. Significado del nombre es el bien y el padre puede dar nombre Lemuel a su Chico recién nacida. Incluso se puede sugerir este nombre a los que van a ser padres pronto. HamariWeb proporciona nombres y sus significados para los padres que están encontrando nombre único y su significado para su bebé recién nacido. niños hindou y niñas diccionario de nombres y sus significados en español con el número afortunado incluyendo lo que es el significado de Lemuel.

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An alcoholic, even after becoming an exemplary mother, will remain an alcoholic. — LJ

The significator card is selected from among the figure cards and the Major
Arcana. Most often, the choice is limited to curly cards.
The significator card represents a person who has addressed you with a
This person is called a querent. If the querent is a woman
over 18 years old, then her choice should fall on some kind of Queen.
A male querent is chosen from among the Knights or Kings. Young man
18-35 years old — Knight, older — King.

There are also
exceptions. A mature, responsible young man who has found his place in life,
can get out of the Kings. Conversely, a young man who has 90,003 more things to do in life can be a Knight.

Pages usually represent teenagers and children.

Teresa Michelson proposes to be guided by the following points when choosing a significator.

Customer choice
. If the client is personally present at fortune-telling, spread out in front of
him all court cards and let him choose the card with which
he most clearly identifies himself. Explain to the client that he is not obliged to choose a card
of the same sex as him or having some
elements of portrait likeness. On the contrary, let him choose the card
which he simply liked, or the one which, in his opinion, best of all
represents his personal qualities or the very question that interests him
A client’s choice can tell you a lot about how they are
sees the current situation, what resources it has and what problems
may face.

Astrological factor . Use the date of birth of the client and select a significator based on the zodiac sign, age and gender of the client.

Wands — Fire — Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Pentacles — Earth — Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Swords — Air — Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Cups — Water — Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Kings — Fire
Queens — Water
Knights — Air
Pages/Princesses — Earth

you know the client’s natal astrological chart well, your choice of
can be even more differentiated. For example, if a
client has the Sun in Taurus and the Moon or Ascendant in Cancer, you can choose the Queen of Pentacles (Earth Water) in
as her significator.
that for various aspects of the client’s life,
different court cards can serve as significators. If your client is a middle-aged lady with Sun
in Cancer, may be represented by the Queen of Cups. If at the same time in her
tenth house — the house of career and responsibility — there is a lot of fiery energy,
then her approach to work is best represented by a card that combines Water and Fire in
, for example, the Queen of Wands or the King of Cups.

In some
decks, certain court cards are associated with
the twelve signs of the Zodiac (using only Kings,
Queens and Knights).
There are three types of astrological signs:
cardinal, fixed and mutable. They can be correlated with
card values ​​to determine which sign corresponds to which
card. For example, you can correlate fixed signs with Kings,
cardinal signs with Queens, mutable signs with Knights. Then
we get the following table:

Aries (cardinal Fire) — Queen of Wands
Taurus (fixed Earth) — King of Pentacles
Gemini (mutable Air) — Knight of Swords
Cancer (cardinal Water) — Queen of Cups
Leo (fixed Fire) — King of Wands
Virgo (mutable Earth) — Knight of Pentacles
Libra (cardinal Air) — Queen of Swords
Scorpio (fixed Water) — King of Cups
Sagittarius (mutable Fire) — Knight of Wands
Capricorn (cardinal Earth) ) — Queen of Pentacles
Aquarius (fixed Air) — King of Swords
Pisces (mutable Water) — Knight of Cups
______________________________________________ ___________________________

to correlate fixed signs with Queens (Queens — after all, more than
personify a passive beginning), and cardinal signs — with Kings, then
also appears this option:

Aries (cardinal Fire) — King of Wands
Taurus (fixed Earth) — Queen of Pentacles
Gemini (mutable Air) — Knight of Swords
Cancer (cardinal Water) — King of Cups
Leo (fixed Fire) — Queen of Wands
Virgo (mutable Earth) — Knight of Pentacles
Libra (cardinal Air) — King of Swords
Scorpio (fixed Water) — Queen of Cups
Sagittarius (mutable Fire) — Knight of Wands
Capricorn (cardinal Earth) — King of Pentacles
Aquarius (fixed Air) — Queen of Swords
Pisces (mutable Water) — Knight of Cups
________________________________________ ____________________________

or situation. Choosing a significator based on the situation under consideration.
For example, if the client is a young person just starting their career,
choose a Knight of Wands for him. If you are working with a woman who has
a large family and who wants an answer to question
related to inheritance, take the Queen of Pentacles.
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is a card representing the client in the layout. It can be added to
in any scenario, but it is not a mandatory element. The
Significator can tell you something about the client’s personality or
lifestyle, which in turn will help you interpret the spread. Except
In addition, he can talk about how the client feels or perceives
himself in the situation under consideration.
As a significator, usually
, the very first card of the layout is laid out. Her place is in the center of the spread,
either at the top or to the side, as if she were watching what is happening.
An alternative way is to shuffle the significator in the
deck along with the rest of the cards and see if it comes up in the
spread or not.

In Tarot layouts, the significators are most often
court cards as they are the easiest to use to
represent a person.

When working with tarot, remember that, in principle,
as a significator, you can use absolutely any card and
just see which card will fall into the position allotted for it in the

(c) «The Complete Guide to Tarot» Teresa Michelson

Significators can still be chosen from the Major Arcana. I, though rarely
generally choose a significator, I do it according to the following principle.
For example:
Magician — health issues
High Priestess — if you need to unravel the mystery
Lovers — situations of choice
Chariot — everything related to travel and movement
Justice — legal issues and controversial issues in various areas
Hermit — self-knowledge, questions personality
Wheel of happiness — questions of luck
Hanged man — questions of sacrifice (that is, if, for example, a person constantly becomes a victim of thieves and deceivers
Death — questions of transformations of strong shocks and changes in life
Moderation — time and the Guardian Angel . . can well indicate situations and issues of compromise
Devil — generally negative
— force majeure and in situations where everything is close to collapse and a person does not know
how the situation will develop and what will follow
Star — hope, help, desire
— something hidden and unconscious that affects life … lasso
is able to indicate areas where we are mistaken. or we do not see an explicit

I use significators only in very few layouts. But if I’m
I feel that I need it, I ask the Tarot about the significator and
I pull it out.

Methods for determining the significator in tarot

Many layouts on Tarot cards require the definition of a significator, that is, a card of a fortuneteller. The purpose of this lasso in fortune-telling is to determine the personality of a person or describe the nature of the situation .

There are many ways to choose a significator: by age, appearance, zodiac sign, purpose of divination and character. Your intuition will tell you which method to follow when choosing this card.

Definition of significator

The word «significator» from Latin means «pointer» . This is a card that indicates a person or situation. It symbolizes the one whose fate is being guessed. If the purpose of the alignment is to clarify the situation, then a card acts as a significator, the meaning of which is close to the question of the questioner.

Is it always necessary to use an index card in a tarot spread? In fact, there are many ways of divination when this lasso is not required. But there are layouts when an index card is needed for a more detailed disclosure of the situation and a picture of the future.

How to find it correctly

The most common way to choose a significator is by appearance, age and sex. If they are guessing for a child or a young girl, then they choose card Page , for a young man — card Knight . If the layout is made for a mature woman, then the card Queen will be the significator.

In divination for a mature man, the card of the King is chosen. After determining the personality card by age, you must select the desired suit. The suit is chosen according to the external signs of a person — the color of the skin, eyes and shade of hair.

The cards of the suit of Wands include people with fair skin and hair and blue eyes. Cups refers to people with medium skin tone, blond or brown hair, blue or brown eyes. The suit of Swords includes those with olive skin, dark hair and light eyes. The Suit of Pentacles are people with dark hair, skin and eyes.

Another option for choosing a significator is according to the sign of the Zodiac a . Each suit corresponds to a certain astrological element with its constellations:

  • Signs of the Fire element (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) — cards of Wands.
  • Signs of the Water element (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) — cards of Cups.
  • Signs of the Air element (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) — cards of Swords.
  • Signs of the Earth element (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) — cards of Pentacles.

  • True fortune-telling
  • Fortune-telling for free
  • Prediction for love
  • Psychic for free

How to choose

When determining your significator, you can also be guided by intuition and your personal preferences. Think about which card in the Tarot deck corresponds to your personality and character, which lasso reflects your inner state or professional activity? Consider the most common personality types and their correspondence with the Tarot arcana.

Fool card personifies a child or an inexperienced person. Also, this card can symbolize an adventurer who loves risk and seeks adventure.

Magus card is a spiritually developed person. This card is suitable for scientists, creative people, as well as those who are constantly developing their abilities and discovering their own potential.

The Empress is an imperious, wealthy woman. Often this is the significator of mothers or pregnant women.

Emperor — father, powerful and influential person, businessman, military man, politician. This is a strong and strong-willed personality.

Priestess – wise woman, researcher, scientist. This card denotes a person who seeks to know the world around him and himself.

Hierophant — teacher, mentor, experienced and wise man. Often this card is an indicator of a person who has a church rank.

Chariot — traveler, tourist or person who is constantly on the road due to his profession.

Strength symbolizes the athlete. This lasso is also a pointer for people who are strong in spirit and body.

Hermit characterizes a person immersed in himself. This may be a loner seeking knowledge and truth, or a person detached from the real world.

Justice personifies a person associated with jurisprudence. Also, this lasso can be an indicator of a person with a very developed sense of duty and justice.

The Hanged Man personifies a physically ill person. This card also acts as a significator of a person who has devoted his life to self-knowledge.

The devil is an evil person who brings destruction. This is a pronounced egoist with evil intentions.

Star characterizes a creative person. This lasso is considered a pointer to people with a rich imagination who have connected their lives with art.

If divination is performed on a specific situation or question , then the significator is chosen taking into account the correspondence of the card with the problem.

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