Luzbel: Luzbel Tickets, 2022 Concert Tour Dates & Details

Luzbel: Luzbel Tickets, 2022 Concert Tour Dates & Details

Luzbel esta de visita (TV Series 2001– )

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The lives of a rich family is disrupted by the arrival of a young black man claiming to be the illegitimate son of the patriarch.The lives of a rich family is disrupted by the arrival of a young black man claiming to be the illegitimate son of the patriarch.The lives of a rich family is disrupted by the arrival of a young black man claiming to be the illegitimate son of the patriarch.





  • Stars
    • Walter Díaz
    • Maria Helena Doering
    • Oscar Corbella
  • Stars
    • Walter Díaz
    • Maria Helena Doering
    • Oscar Corbella
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    Walter Díaz

    • Adrián Espino

    Maria Helena Doering

    • Elsa Estrada de Franco

    Oscar Corbella

    • Fabio Franco

    Margarita Ortega

    • Karen Franco

    Lino Martone

    • Christian Franco…

    Lucero Galindo

    Mónica Mendoza

    • Lucía Estrada

    Luz Stella Luengas

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    Daniel Ochoa

    • Esteban Calderón

    Luis Fernando Salas

    • Asdrúbal Zamora

    Margálida Castro

    • Mercedes Zamora

    Claudia Rocio Mora

    • Begoña Zamora

    Paula Vázquez

    Danilo Santos

    Sandra Guzmán

    • Homaira

    Astrid Hernandez

    • Silvia

    Júlio del Mar

    • Manuel

    Alberto Marulanda

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    RE: Excellent Colombian Soap!

    I first watched this soap opera in 2001 with my mom and was positively hooked! I loved Walter Diaz as Adrian Espina. ..he was powerful, confident yet suave and refined in his delivery. He gave a nuanced performance. He was able to speak volumes with his refined style of delivery but become also intense when needed. I also enjoyed Esteban Calderon’s performance as the loving and patient gentleman caller of Lucia. I also enjoyed Paulina’s diabolical performance. She gave as well as she got! Overall, the entire cast gave fine credible performances but my favorite scenes always involved Adrian and Paulina. I also believe a very special honorable mention should go to the wonderfully dark score with that sinister piano playing in the background. Scores play a vital part in the success of a show or movie.



    • daveyd-87240
    • Aug 24, 2017


    • Release date
      • January 20, 2003 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • Colombia
    • Language
      • Spanish
    • Also known as
      • Adrián está de visita
    • Production companies
      • Caracol Televisión
      • RTI Televisión
      • Telemundo Studios
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    • Runtime

      1 hour

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    By what name was Luzbel esta de visita (2001) officially released in Canada in English?


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    Anselmo «Luzbel» Contreras is a League of Legends esports player, previously jungler for S2V Esports Academy.

    Team History

    Combine Role Swaps:No|Yes


    Team Start End Notes


    ⁠⁠QLASH Spain Jul 20202020-07-14 Jul 20202020-07-15 1d Temp Sub



    ⁠⁠S2V Academy Feb 20212021-02-27[2] Mar 20212021-03-26[1] 27d


    Team Start End Notes


    ⁠⁠QLASH Spain Jul 20202020-07-14 Jul 20202020-07-15 1d Temp Sub



    ⁠⁠S2V Academy Feb 20212021-02-27[2] Mar 20212021-03-26[1] 27d





    ⁠⁠QLS July 14,
    Luzbel joins as temporary substitute for Week 2 of Liga Nexo 2020 Circuito Tormenta Showmatch, replacing Tostado.



    ⁠⁠QLS July 15,
    Luzbel (temporary substitute) leaves.




    ⁠⁠S2V.A February 27,
    ThreaM, Pau (Head Coach), and SargoX (Assistant Coach) join.[2]



    ⁠⁠S2V.A March 26,
    Ibai joins.
    Luzbel leaves.[1]




    Tournament Results[]

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    Minimum place

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    Luzbel Tournament Results
    Date Pl Event Last Result Team Roster
    2021-06-15 6 Liga Nexo 2021 Split 1

    4 — 10⁠⁠RR

    ⁠⁠S2V. A  Jervo,  Luzbel,  Ibai,  Toyejo,  Levi,  izeman,  Thream,  Pau,  SargoX
    2020-07-14 2 Liga Nexo 2020 Circuito Tormenta Showmatch

    0 — 2⁠⁠NEXO

    ⁠⁠QLS  Kiino,  Tostado,  Luzbel,  BleKz,  Ushuala,  Pøl,  Oscure,  Sekuar
    2020-03-08 5 La Lega Online Season 2 Split 2

    4 — 5⁠⁠RR

    ⁠⁠eFox  GONVICWILL,  Gekkø,  Hunter,  CalvoTóxico,  Luzbel,  Bogü,  iDømi,  Midnight,  LegenD,  Zenyx,  Winnie,  ThreaM,  Pirl1x17
    2020-03-07 NQ Granada Gaming 2020 Online Qualifier

    0 : 1⁠⁠AMIW

    ⁠⁠FOX  Hunter,  Luzbel,  Midnight,  Zenyx,  Pirl1x




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      Luzbel —

      Lucifer is a heavy metal band from Mexico, from Mexico. Founded in 1983, it is considered by the trade press to be one of the legends of the genre in Mexico.


      • 1 Biography

        • 1.1 Origins and sources (1983-1985)
        • 1.2 First albums (1986-1990)
        • 1.3 Brief concerts (1992-1996)
        • 1. 4 Official return (since 2012)
      • 2 members

        • 2.1 Current members
      • 3 Discography

        • 3.1 Studio albums
        • 3.2 Singles
        • 3.3 Demo and EP
        • 3.4 Collections
      • 4 Notes and references
      • 5 External links


      Origins and origins (1983–1985)

      The history of Luzbel began in 1983 when Raul Grenyas returned to Mexico and decided to form a new band, having been in England since 1980 years. During his stay in this country, Raul Grenyas auditions for different groups every week, and he manages to embody all of them; However, the groups did not acknowledge that he was Mexican. However, that many auditions would help him gain a lot of experience which would eventually help him join the band Red in 1981 with Paul Red (vocals), Paul Boss (bass), Raoul Grenias (guitar), Paul Barnard. (guitar) and Graham (drums). Together with Red, Raul Grenyas recorded three songs (included in the album Luzbel, El Principio ), but soon the band disbanded, Raúl had problems with his visa and had to return to Mexico.

      Back in Mexico Raúl Greñas takes care of finding members to form a new band, and so the first Luzbel formation is born with Guillermo Errejón on vocals, Antonio Morante on bass, Hugo Tames on drums, Fernando Landeros on second guitar, and Raúl Greñas on first guitar. With this line-up, the band recorded the first demo — the song Whisper of Death ; Due to family problems, Guillermo Errejon leaves the band and is replaced by Jorge Cabrera, with whom they record their second demo (which will be released some time later) consisting of seven unreleased songs. The debut of the group is marked by such successful tracks as Pasaporte al infierno , La Gran ciudad , El Tiempo de odio , Hijos del metal and Guerrero verde .

      First albums (1986-1990)

      In 1984 they hired a new singer, Arturo Huizar. At 19In 86 they released their first studio album Pasaporte al infierno on the Warner Music label. According to the band’s bassist and co-founder Antonio «La Rana» Morante, Juizar was fired for misconduct that same year. His last concert with the band will be at the Nuevo León Gymnasium in Monterrey, Nuevo León, ; he is replaced by Juan Bolaños, who will debut on . It was then that Luzbel recorded and released his second album, in 1987, the self-titled Luzbel ; who will be the last band on the Warner Music label. With Bolaños on vocals, Luzbel changes his musical style, but many of the members don’t accept this change.

      In 1990, with Hugo Tames on drums and Francisco Yescas on second guitar, they recorded the studio album ! ¿Otra Vez?! for the independent label Discos Sánchez. This third Luzbel disc includes a cover of the Spanish song by The Beatles called Por nadie .

      Soon after, some disagreements arise between the members of the group, in particular between Raúl Greñas and Hugo Tames, and the group decides to go their separate ways despite Juan Bolaños’ resistance. However, Raul Grenyas, the rightful owner of the group, eventually agrees to this. Subsequently, in 1990, Raúl Greñas decided to form a new band called Argus, releasing the first album called El Vigilante .

      Brief concerts (1992-1996)

      After a short two-year return, between 1992 and 1994, during which the album La Rebelión de los de desgraciados is released with music by Sony, Arturo Huísar tries to reform Luzbel without the consent of Raul Greñas; however, due to legal issues related to the misuse of the name Luzbel, Raul Grenyas files several lawsuits against Huizar, and shortly thereafter the latter decides to change the u to a v, naming the new band, Luzbel.

      Official return (since 2012)

      In the middle of 2012, Raul Grenyas announced the return of the band to the stage to announce themselves under the name Luzbel, which Huizar had used illegally for many years. At , the information is officially published on the official website of Luzbel. Mike de la Rosa joined on vocals, Jorge Curiel on drums, Vic Nava y Mata on bass, and Neo Medina on second guitar, although the latter left the band a few months later.

      The first presentation of this revival was on at the Aldama Theater in Mexico City. For this tour they are recording the album Regreso al origen (2013).

      In 2016 Luzbel released the album El Tiempo de Odio . Then The group announces on Facebook Mike de la Rosa’s backing vocalist, Mike Glez.


      Current members

      • Raul Fernandez Grenyas — guitar
      • Mike Gleizes — vocals
      • Vic Nava y Mata — bass
      • Jorge Curiel — drums


      Studio albums

      • 1986: Pasaporte al infierno (Warner Music)
      • 1987: Luzbel (Warner Music)
      • 1990: ¡¿Otra was carrying?! (Disco Sanchez)
      • 1994: La Rebelión de los de desgraciados (Sony Music)
      • 1997: El Comienzo (Discos y cintas denver)
      • 2013: Regreso al origen (Ceiba Recordings)
      • 2016: El Tiempo de odio (Sade Records, Mexico)


      • 1985: Luzbel (Comrock)
      • 2013: Kirieleison (independent)

      Demo and EP

      • 1983: El Comienzo (demo)
      • 1985: Metal caído del cielo (EP)


      • 1997: Luzbel lo mejor (Warner Music)
      • 2013 : Regreso al origen

      Notes and links

      1. (es) « ‘Luzbel’ se aparece en Mérida «, on sipse. com, (accessed July 11, 2018) .
      2. (es) « Raul Fernández Greñas El Regreso de una Gran Leyenda and su banda Lucifer «, at, (accessed July 11, 2018) .
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      Fallen Angels Who were they? Who were they? and more ▷➡️ Postpostmo

      Have you heard the story of fallen angels , where are they today and why they were removed from heaven. Enter this post and learn all about those heavenly beings who at some point received a blessing from God.


      • 1 What are fallen angels?
      • 2 Biblical verses about fallen angels
        • 2.1 in Isaiah 14: 12-15
        • 2.2 Lucas 10: 18
        • 2.3 2 Petra 2: 4
        • 2.4 Matthew 25: 41
        • 2.5 Apocalypse 12: 7-17
      • 3 Scriptures from the book of Enoch and Guardians
        • 3.1 Enoch Book, Chapter 7.
          • 3.1.1 Nephilim
      • 4 Battle of Angels and Fallen Angels 4.1 Battle of Angels

    What are fallen angels?

    Usually we find some religious disagreement about fallen angels , despite this, a fallen angel is an exalted being who was expelled from heaven, for inappropriate behavior, for disobedience and a position contrary to the commandments of God, for which they were expelled from the sky, undermining their wings.

    God created a heavenly group of angels to guard, protect and guide humanity, which allowed to observe, protect all people, for this God gave them free will, with understanding and freedom of work, but nevertheless, they had to continue the word and examples of God -father.

    They possessed all the knowledge of evil and good, by this time they began to question the deeds of their creator, for which they fell into sins such as vanity and lust, rebelling before God for their actions, they were banished to hell, Far from the Kingdom of Heaven and from God the Father.

    Let’s look at the two most important aspects of this topic;

    Bible verses about fallen angels

    These angels are commonly known as demons, the scriptures confirm this; Let’s see some excerpts:

    Isaiah 14:12-15

    “How you fell from the sky, O morning star, son of the dawn! You are cast down to the ground, you who weakened the nations. But you said in your heart: I will ascend into heaven, I will raise my throne above the stars of God, and I will sit on the mountain of assembly, in the far north. I will ascend to the heights of the clouds, I will become like the Most High. «However, you are cast down to hell, to the extreme limits of the abyss.»

    Lukas 10:18

    And He said to them, «I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.»

    2 Peter 2:4

    «For if God did not forgive the angels when they sinned, but threw them into hell and handed them over to the abyss of darkness, prepared for judgment»

    Matthew 25:41

    Then he will also say to those on his left: «Depart from me, cursed ones, into eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.»

    Apocalypse 12:7-17

    {Then} there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought, but they could not win, and there was no place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was cast down, the ancient serpent, called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast down to earth, and his angels were cast down with him.

    Scriptures from the Book of Enoch and the Watchers

    En Genesis 5:22-24, there are descriptions of Enoch as a righteous man, in fact God granted him the privilege of writing bible books in his own way, he lived 365 years and disappeared from out of nowhere, because God himself made it so he wanted it

    This book tells that there were 20 vigilante leaders out of 200 fallen angels , so each of them played a fundamental role in creating the evil of people.

    Book of Enoch chapter 7.

    These scriptures, although not part of the canon of the Bible because they are considered an intertestamental book, report the following:

    It happened that when the sons of men multiplied in those days,
    beautiful and pretty daughters were born;

    and the Watchers, the children of heaven, saw them and desired them, and said to one another:
    «Come, let us choose wives from the daughters of men and bear children. »

    All and their leaders took wives, and each chose from all and
    They began to enter into them and defile themselves with them, teach them witchcraft,
    magic and pruning of roots, and also teach them plants.

    They conceived from them and gave birth to giants about three thousand cubits high.
    that they were born on earth and grew up according to their childhood;
    and devoured the labors of all the sons of men until the people stopped
    They were able to supply them.

    So the giants turned against the people to kill and devour them;
    and began to sin against all the birds of the air and against all the beasts of the air
    of the earth, against reptiles and against the fish of the sea, and devoured each other’s flesh.
    others and drank the blood.


    These freaks were a race of hybrid giants, as a result of an unnatural union between evil fallen angels and human women, they are called nephilim or nephilim.

    Thus, fallen angels they committed many more sins on earth, bringing evil to all corners of the world, they instructed mankind to mint weapons to confront each other in wars, kill animals, sin among themselves, there was blood and unleashed deaths, what kind of angels of heaven were the trigger, and they made the decision to descend to earth and meet with the exiled angels.

    Battle of angels and fallen angels

    And Rafael, Miguel, Sariel and Gabriel said to the Lord of the world: “You are our great
    Lord, Lord of the world, God of gods, Lord of lords and King of kings; in
    heaven is the throne of your glory for all generations that exist forever and ever;
    the whole earth is your footstool for ever, and your name is great, holy and blessed
    for all eternity»

    And the Lord said to Gabriel: «Come out against the illegitimate and wicked sons
    fornication and make the children of the Guardians disappear from among people and
    make them enter into a destructive war, for there will not be many days for them.

    Over time, people, seeing themselves in such a terrible situation because of the fallen angels, decided to greet God on their knees in order to save them from such a terrible situation, the angels from heaven Miguel, Sariel, Gabriel and Raphael go to the father begs to send them to battle with companions.

    battle of angels

    Miguel and Gabriel were placed at the head of an army of angels, Sariel was instructed to tell Noah what would happen, he took pity and told the guards, and was protected by God, the punishment was maximum, they will never be forgiven and they will not enter the kingdom of heaven again, they will suffer at the death of their wives and children, and they will be locked up in the depths of hell for all eternity.

    The Guardians faced the host of angels with weapons and strength, they were equally defeated, and on their knees, unable to see the sky from shame before God and begging for forgiveness, covering their faces with their hands, weeping, they tied themselves to a known source of weeping. that lies between Lebanon and Senir were cast into hell.

    Knowing everything that they lost fallen angels , they were sent to a terrible place, with pillars of fire, and subjected to torture and suffering, and there they remained until the end of their days, suffering for everything they had, lost and loved.

    What is really true is that God has a firm promise to send his son again to purify and cleanse the world of everything he has done, like the second coming of Christ, dear reader, if you want to know a little more about this beautiful topic , follow the link.

    Most Relevant Fallen Angels

    Below we detail the most important fallen angels:

    • Lucifer — Luzbel

    He was the most valuable, most perfect and beautiful angel that God the Father created, gave him great beauty, perfection and absolute intelligence, gave him leadership strength, a firm goal to be an angel who should organize millions of angels, he was called the prince of angels, his name means bearer of light.

    He was the one who led the rebellion against God the Father, sinned to the extreme in vanity, pretending to be the Creator himself, led the revolt of all the following angels committing the sins of lust, organized a band of angels that followed him in his war, he was expelled and blackened, from that moment on he was recognized as a fallen angel.


    It is important to note that Lucifer considered people below all angels, despite all their mistakes and abilities for perfection and purity. therefore he could not accept that the son of God could be born from the womb of a man, which caused him unbridled anger, God had to incarnate him as the best of angels, and this is where his rebellion arises.

    Lucifer was a fallen angel who withstood the desire to be equal to God the Father, he appeared as a serpent to Eve, causing her to sin from the only forbidden tree, an act that God performed to prove his power of faith, that it was the Angel who realized that he did not want to to see the parents of mankind die, he just wanted to prove to God that he had the same power as him, which is why he controlled Adam and Eve so that they were expelled from paradise and see their suffering without causing them to die with a poisoned fetus.

    Lucifer – Luzbel

    • Tamiel-Kasyadeh

    His name means hidden power, he was the one who taught the teachings on abortion, demons and spirits such as working with snakes, which allowed people to see that they could be as powerful as God, they just had to be as they were instructed. .

    He was the 5th watchman fallen angels and exiled by God to hell.

    • Yekun

    He was the first follower of Lucifer, his name means protector and/or protector, he commanded other angels to follow his orders, rebel against God and commit sins, he was responsible for teaching people how to read, how to write and teach them to sign.

    • Shamsiel

    He was watchman number 16, some scriptures say he was one of the rulers of the 4th heaven, his name means the sun of God, when he was banished to earth, he was the one who taught people the signs of the sun while he served God, he was the keeper of the garden of Eden.

    • Semyazza

    The angel whom, after the imminent fall of Lucifer, God appoints him as the head of the army guarding the earth, was the head of the Gregory, who rebelled against God the father for falling in love with a human woman, something like completely forbidden for angels.

    His name means that he sees the name; This angel was blinded when he saw a woman bathing in the river, he climbed to the top of Mount Hermon, where he convinced the other 199 angels to forget their God-given duties, and marry mortal women, and thus freely bear children.

    The rest of the angels obeyed him with conviction, and because they were experiencing the same love situation as Semyazza and were attached to it, he urged them to teach him all the crafts and qualities that the angels knew, and thus they felt powerful. like Semyazza himself. God, this angel taught them the power of plants.

    200 fallen angels They took a solemn oath to approve disobedience and rebellion before God, so that the punishment would be not only for Semjatstsa, but for everyone equally, from there came the generation of beings called Nephilim.

    • Remiel — Ramiel

    He was an angel in charge of guiding and guiding the dead on the path to God, he was condemned and exiled to hell for lust, his name means the thunder of God.

    • Azazel

    It was the power of God and in the writings of Enoch he was identified as arrogant to God, he was in charge of imparting teachings on the development of weapons such as shields, coats, in addition to this he showed women how to adorn themselves and deceive other people with paint so they dyed their hair and dyed their hair.

    He showed the secrets of sorcery, he led them to wickedness and impurity of hearts.

    Fallen Angels Memorial Statue

    • Kesabel

    He was the second to follow Lucifer, he did not leave him even in his fall, he was the one who led and incited other angels to support and freely commit adultery with all people on earth.

    Semyazza’s right hand, he was one of the guardians with the most power as a chief, his name means the wall of God, he was the one who introduced himself to Eve and deceived her in the Garden of Eden, and taught people geomancy.

    • Satariel

    He was the 17th angel fallen angels , represented the concealment of God, his name means the dawn of God

    Other fallen angels were:

    • Kokabiel
    • Chazakiel
    • Baragiel
    • Azail
    • Armaros
    • Battery
    • Bezaliel
    • Ananiel
    • Zakiel
    • Turiel
    • Yomiel
    • Sariel

    It should be noted with great importance that the creation of angels preceded the formation of humans, as indicated by the following Bible verses:

    Hebrews 1:14

    Are they not all ministering spirits sent to serve on behalf of those who will inherit salvation?

    Revelation 5 11-14 says:

    And I looked and heard the voice of many angels around the throne, and living creatures, and elders; and their number was millions of millions,

    They said with a loud voice: The Lamb that was slain is worthy to receive power, riches, wisdom, power, honor, glory and praise.

    And to all creation that is in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and on the sea, and to everything that is in them, I heard, they said: To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb, praise, honor, glory and power, forever and ever.

    From what was described above, we can say that there is no specific date or moment of the creation of angels, and before the death of the fallen angels, they all belonged to the Garden of Eden, they were created with a mission and the goal is that each angel had a certain quality, and this was designed by God to apply to people on earth.

    Free will

    God the Father gave free will to all people, and so it happened with the angels and with Adam and Eve, in the same way we should all have the strength not to fall into sins, in most cases, to a greater extent. be good than be bad Angels are not exempt from this rule and/or teaching. On the contrary, they have the necessary qualities to know what they are exposed to and what they must reject at some point.

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