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Oriel: Oriel Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

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oriel window (sense 1)


From Middle English oriel, from Old French oriol (“gallery, corridor”), Late Latin oriolum (“portico, hall”), probably from Latin aureolus (“gilded”), applied to an apartment decorated with gilding. See oriole. Or a diminutive of Latin os (“mouth”).


  • IPA(key): /ˈɔːɹiəl/
    • Audio (RP) (file)


oriel (plural oriels)

  1. (architecture) A large polygonal recess in a building, such as a bay window, forming a protrusion on the outer wall.
    • 1831, L[etitia] E[lizabeth] L[andon], Romance and Reality. […], volume II, London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, […], OCLC 24531354, page 202:

      The middle window of the oriel before her, just caught and reflected back the crimson light and colour. The ground below looked bright and warm compared with the shade around.

    • 1842, Alfred Tennyson, “The Day-Dream. The Sleeping Palace.”, in Poems. […], volume II, London: Edward Moxon, […], OCLC 1008064829, page 151:

      The beams that thro’ the Oriel shine / Make prisms in every carven glass, / And beaker brimm’d with noble wine.

  2. (obsolete) A small apartment next to a hall, used for dining.
Usage notes[edit]
  • There is no generally accepted difference between a bay window and an oriel. In the United States, the latter name is often applied to bay windows which are small, and either polygonal or round, and to those that are corbelled out from the wall instead of resting on the ground.

recess in a building, protruding on the outer wall

  • Bulgarian: еркер m (erker)
  • Finnish: erkkeri (fi)
  • German: Erker (de) m
  • Polish: wykusz (pl) m


  • El Rio, Le Roi, LeRoi, Leroi, Loire, Lorie, oiler, reoil


From Middle English oriel, from Old French oriol (“gallery, corridor”), Late Latin oriolum (“portico, hall”), probably from Latin aureolus (“gilded”), applied to an apartment decorated with gilding.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɔrjɛl/


oriel m or f (plural orielau or orielydd or orieli)

  1. gallery


Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal h-prothesis
oriel unchanged unchanged horiel
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

Further reading[edit]

  • R. J. Thomas, G. A. Bevan, P. J. Donovan, A. Hawke et al., editors (1950–present), “oriel”, in Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru Online (in Welsh), University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies

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Bay window in a house and apartment: what is it, design rules

RBC Real Estate tells how to make an apartment with an unusual geometry cozy and functional fully glazed. They can be semicircular, rectangular, triangular or polyhedral in shape.

Together with the designer, we will tell you how to arrange a bay window in an apartment, what advantages and disadvantages this architectural form has.

Why you need a bay window

www.adv. rbc.ru

There is still no clear answer why this architectural element of the building was originally created. “It is known that such structures served as a church altar, an observation defensive structure for archers and even a toilet in medieval Europe,” said Inna Kaminskaya, designer, founder of the Grande Familia (iRoomproject) studio.

There are two main reasons why architects design bay windows in residential buildings, the designer notes. Firstly, this is done for the sake of the original appearance of the facades. Secondly, thanks to this architectural technique, the room becomes much lighter and more spacious.

Bay windows decorate the facades of high-rise buildings

(Photo: Aleoks\shutterstock)

Bay windows also have disadvantages: since the structure protrudes beyond the wall plane, it is constantly blown by the wind – and it becomes cold in the apartment. Therefore, in apartments with bay windows, it is especially important to install high-quality windows with insulation. In addition, it is important to correctly beat the bay window in the interior so that it does not look alien. Summarizing, it can be noted that the bay window has the following advantages:

  • large area;
  • abundance of sunlight;
  • original design.

The disadvantages of bay windows include:

  • significant heat loss;
  • costs for large window profiles;
  • non-standard design project.

It is worth installing insulated windows in apartments and houses with bay windows

(Photo: Vineyard Perspective\shutterstock)

Types of bay windows

The design of a bay window directly depends on the shape of the ledge, the type of room, its area, ceiling height and window design. “Geometry can be angular, semi-circular, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, polygonal. A creative approach to the design of the bay area should adhere to the rule “do no harm, do not overload and do not spoil.” Do not clutter up the bay area. Be observant, evaluate the pros and cons of your bay window, its geometry and dimensions,” advises Inna Kaminskaya.

A semicircular bay window – often called a Venetian one – makes the facades of houses smoother and softer, the designer noted. In the trapezoidal type, a large window is located in the center, and two smaller ones are on the sides, adjacent to the facade. The least common is the triangular shape of the bay window – but it looks more interesting than the others, Kaminskaya believes.

Triangular bay window less common

(Photo: Archi_Viz\shutterstock)

How to make the most of space with a bay window

Arrangement of a space with a bay window depends on the size of the room, the shape of the bay window itself, the height of the ceilings and the overall layout of the apartment. If the area of ​​the room is small, you should not place furniture in the ledge niche, just decorate it with beautiful window fittings, curtains or radiator screens, the designer emphasizes. And if the area allows, it will be possible to place furniture in the bay window in accordance with the needs of the household.

“Frames or moldings around the window, descending to the window sills or to the floor and capturing the radiator, are one of the most interesting decorative techniques for bay windows. They can be white or in the color of the walls, as well as accent contrasting colors. Finishing the slopes with glossy paint creates a visual expansion of the window opening and gives the room solemnity. It is also possible to play with complex elements by choosing decorative stucco reliefs for one or another stylistic motif. It can be strict geometry, art nouveau patterns or relief moldings inside the window slope, ”advises Kaminskaya.

Use wall-colored curtains in the bay window

(Photo: yampi\shutterstock)

The color of the window profile can be customized, just like the texture. Do not be afraid to experiment: if your interior has basic colors, you can paint the window profile in marsh green, deep wine color or bright golden ocher color, the expert recommends.

“And black or graphite colors are timeless standouts. They are perfect for both classic-style interiors and modern solutions. The perimeter of bay windows can be trimmed with mirrors. Then you can enjoy hundreds of light overflows reflected in the mirrors. Along with mirrors, you can use smalt, glass and mirror mosaics, polished stone and natural mother-of-pearl,” the designer emphasized.

Decorate your bay window with colorful mosaics

(Photo: Sean Pavone\shutterstock)

The right curtains can make this small space even cozier – they can be bright, dark, modern, traditional, short or long. The main thing is to match them stylistically to the interior and the overall color of the room. “Place heating radiators under the bay window behind beautiful decorative screens or furniture located in this area, just remember the basic rules of convection. You can add shelves on the sides of the bay window for your books, put a small lamp on the window that will fit into the view outside the window and allow you to read at night, ”recommends the designer.

Bay window curtains can be any color

(Photo: PhotoMavenStock\shutterstock)

Furniture in the bay window area

Make-up area

The location of furniture in the bay window area is determined by the needs of the apartment owners. One of the options is to place a dressing table in a bay window niche, Kaminskaya advises: natural light will make the process of make-up and personal care more convenient for the landlady. In this case, an antique table will look spectacular in the bay window.

The bay window is a great place for makeup, because there is a lot of light here

(Photo: PhotoMavenStock\shutterstock)


We rarely buy sun loungers for home – this furniture is quite voluminous, and its functionality is auxiliary. “The long, protruding section of a chaise longue takes up a lot of space, but by sliding the back of the chaise longue into a bay window niche, you minimize wasted space in the room. Against the background of windows, the lines of a deck chair will look non-trivial. At any time, you can lie down to relax or read a book in natural light, which will be located behind you and prevent excessive strain on the eyes,” recommends the designer.

A deck chair would look great in a bay window

(Photo: Song_about_summer\shutterstock)

Dining area

Breakfast, lunch or dinner in the bay window area overlooking the city is uplifting, energizing or relaxing after a busy day. “Enjoy your meals while looking out the beautiful windows. If the bay window area is sufficient, place a comfortable dining group in this area, it will give a feeling of coziness and make family gatherings and meetings with friends even more enjoyable,” the expert explained, noting that a round table and cozy chairs would look good in such an area. Around him.

Play area

The bay window is also suitable as a play area for children. Here you can lay a carpet, put low shelves with toys and books or a swing, the designer believes. Another option for a playroom in a bay window is a study area where you can place a table and a bookcase for textbooks. The brightest place in the apartment is perfect for gaining knowledge, emphasizes Kaminskaya.

Bay window can be used as study or play space

(Photo: In Green\shutterstock)

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what is this architectural element and its role in the exterior


Modern architecture features a large number of original and unusual forms and decorations, which not only help to distinguish the building from other buildings, but also make the interior more functional. One of these decorative elements is a bay window: what kind of object it is, and what its distinctive advantages are described in detail in this article.

A bay window is a protruding glazed volumetric part of a building adjacent to the outer wall and extending beyond its plane

Contents House design0024

Bay window: what is it? What it is, a large number of people do not know. This architectural element is often confused with a balcony or loggia. Therefore, in order to clarify, one should understand what a bay window is. This architectural element is a protruding glazed volumetric part of the building adjacent to its outer wall, which extends beyond its plane. At the same time, the bay window, being part of the room, expands its interior space, adding functionality to the room.

The overall design style of the roofs of the house and the bay window create a harmonious architectural ensemble

The bay window has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • a kind of niche allows you to increase the free space inside the room;
  • provides good insolation, which makes the room seem more spacious and bright, while reducing the cost of artificial lighting and heating.
  • Despite significant advantages, the presence of a bay window has its drawbacks. The arrangement of such a complex element will require significant financial investments. In addition, the bay window must be properly insulated and insulated in order to exclude the possibility of significant heat loss from the room at night and during the cold season.

    Large windows in the bay window give a feeling of lightness and airiness both inside and outside

    Useful advice! In order for the architectural element to distinguish the building from the background of other buildings, the roof of the bay window must be made in harmony with the roof of the house, forming an overall style.

    Variants of the bay window in the house: photos of cottages

    Depending on the shape of the building, the bay window elements can be represented as:

    • triangles;
    • squares;
    • semicircles;
    • rectangles;
    • trapezoid;
    • polyhedra.

    Depending on the height of the structure and location in space, ecreer structures can be:

    • one-story ground structures adjacent to one of the walls of the first floor, while relying on their own foundation;

    House with an elegant glass bay window

    • one-story outriggers, which are small suspended structures supported by wooden beams or cantilevered stone slabs;
    • multi-story above ground, reaching the height of a house and attached to load-bearing walls or resting on a separate strong foundation;
    • multi-storey remote, which are hinged multi-level structures that protrude above the main cornice of the building, securely fixed with stones or massive cantilever beams.

    Types of bay windows

    The shape of a bay window can be classified into one of several types of construction. Depending on this, the bay window ledge can be classic or half-window.

    Houses with bay windows always look stylish and interesting

    Most often in modern architecture you can find a classic bay window, which can be made in the form of a semicircle or polygon. The main feature of such buildings is the presence in the structure of at least three sides, which are connected to each other not at a right angle, but less or more than 90 degrees.

    Due to the fact that when building a classic bay window, the standard shape of the outer wall is significantly modified, the construction of an architectural element will be expensive, which is associated with the use of a large amount of building materials.

    Rectangular, square and triangular structures are classified as half-windows. Depending on the layout of the room, the elements can be corner, inscribed in a corner or wall. Photo options for projects of one-story houses with a bay window clearly confirm this.

    Installation of bay windows is possible at any stage of building a house

    Today, in country houses you can often find a bay window that is not a full-fledged bay window. This design is not located along the entire height of the room, but is represented only by a small glazed ledge on the plane of the wall. This is an ordinary window, consisting of several frames that are attached to each other at a certain angle. The main advantage of a bay window is that it can be installed at any stage of building a house.

    Many residents of modern apartments, wishing to expand the useful area of ​​the premises, remake a classic balcony into a bay window. To do this, it is necessary to remove most of the wall that separates the balcony from the interior, and the balcony door. The entire outer protruding part must be fully glazed. Balcony bay window is designed on the principle of a bay window. For this, special support pipes are used.

    Wooden house with a bay window

    To give a wooden house a more interesting and original look, you can complement it with a bay window element, the design of which is best thought out at the design stage.

    Bay windows can be built from a wide variety of building materials

    Good advice! It is recommended to use the services of a qualified carpenter to create a bay window ledge, which will follow the correct technology for forming a bay window in a house.

    If it is planned to build a wooden house from a bar with a bay window, it is necessary to design a foundation for it in advance. It must be a strong support, as well as under the supporting elements of the building structure. In this case, it is better to give preference to a concrete strip base. You can also use a pile foundation. The choice will depend on the type of soil of the area and the financial capacity of the developers.

    The main point in the construction of a bay window structure in a wooden house is the observance of a special technology for joining timber. Logs must be connected without residue, cutting the ends of the timber in a special way. Products are fastened to each other using a special bay window. The most time-consuming step in the construction of a bay window is the process of cutting a tree at the right angle so that a system of spikes and grooves is formed, thanks to which the entire structure is assembled.

    For the construction of a country house with a bay window, you can use natural timber

    Projects of houses with bay windows

    Today there are a large number of projects of houses with bay windows. Photos of one-story and two-story buildings demonstrate various embodiments of this architectural element in the facade of the building. Such buildings look not only stylish, solemn and spectacular, but also allow you to make the interior design of the premises unique and unusual. Thanks to this architectural element, it is possible to obtain a semblance of a medieval palace, shrouded in secrets and mysteries of history.

    A fairly large number of projects of houses with a bay window are presented on specialized sites on the Internet. The photos clearly show how it blends well with other architectural elements of the facade.

    Project of the first floor of a two-storey house with a bay window and a garage

    Among the most popular are the project of a two-storey house with a bay window and a balcony. The ledge starts from the very foundation outside on the first floor and smoothly passes to the balcony of the second floor, which follows the contours of the bay window. The balcony in this case can be simply fenced, covered or glazed.

    If you want to get a unique building, then you should pay attention to the projects of houses with two bay windows, which are mainly equipped with a kitchen and a living room. Such a design solution would be appropriate for the construction of large massive houses. Here, special attention should be paid to calculations and all stages of construction should be worked out in detail, because it is quite difficult to fit such elements into the overall structure of the building so that the house is safe to use in the future.

    Typical design of a one-story house with a bay window

    Good advice! To prevent the house from looking too cluttered with architectural elements, bay windows should be placed at different heights.

    For a two-story house, the bay windows can be placed over the entire height of the building, or one is located on one floor, and the second along the entire height of the house.

    Article on the topic:

    In the last few decades, this architectural element has been not only the calling card of a private house. A bay window can be found in modern multi-storey new buildings P-44T. A distinctive feature of such apartments is a convenient layout and an extended kitchen area, since the bay window is created in the kitchen. The trapezoidal shape of the element is used here. Photos of various design options for a kitchen with a P-44T bay window clearly show how skillfully you can use the additional free space.

    The rectangular shape of the bay window helps emphasize the sophistication and architectural style of the house.

    Among the newfangled trends can be distinguished new buildings with a bay window, which use the exclusive design solution of Londry. In the apartment, this special place can be presented in two versions, as a separate small room, and a niche hidden behind sliding doors. Such a room is intended for the installation of a washing machine, dryer and utilities that are hidden from prying eyes.

    House with a bay window and an attic

    A good option for a small plot is the implementation of a house project with a bay window and an attic. In this case, even in a small compact area, you can get a comfortable and functional home. In such projects of two-story houses, the bay window is traditionally located on the ground floor or in the attic, which is very often assigned to the bedroom.

    Modern two-storey house with a bay window and an attic

    Such an interesting combination of architectural elements allows to increase the usable area and interior space in the house. However, this does not require an increase in the area of ​​​​the base of the building. The arrangement of the attic involves the construction of a two-level building, which saves on construction, and the presence of a bay window expands the total space inside the room.

    In addition to the functional component, this combination gives the overall building respectability and uniqueness. In addition, it will largely compensate for heat losses, most of which are allocated to wide viewing windows.

    The use of a bay window in the kitchen allows you to increase the usable area of ​​the room

    However, such a duet has its drawbacks. In the first place is the problem of cleaning the roof from snow, which creates an additional load on the supporting structures of the building. Also, the construction of a house with an attic and a bay window according to a standard project will require significant financial costs. And its implementation will require the involvement of highly qualified specialists.

    Design options for rooms with a bay window

    Design of free space in a niche depends on the purpose of the room. When designing a kitchen with a bay window in a free corner, you can arrange a work area or create a comfortable place for eating by placing a dining table here for a traditional family meal.

    The round or polygonal shape of the bay window provides many options for creating a cozy interior

    Good advice! For a square bay window, a rectangular table will look harmonious, for a trapezoid – oval, for a semicircular – round.

    If the bay window is located in the bedroom or living room, then in this place you can equip a work area with a small table for a laptop, books or for doing hand-made. Such a layout is convenient because during the daytime the working area will be sufficiently lit with natural light, and for evening work, you can install spotlights, an elegant floor lamp or a powerful table lamp in the mini-office.

    If the bay window is located in a children’s room, its space can be used as a play area with shelves and baskets for toys. You can create an imitation kitchen area for girls or a workshop for boys. If schoolchildren live in the room, then it would be advisable to equip a workplace that is well lit during the daytime.

    A bay window in a children’s room can carry not only a decorative, but also a functional load.

    If an unattractive panorama opens from the window, you can turn your back to the window and organize a working area in the form of a round tabletop according to the diameter of the bay window. Here you can also equip a recreation area by installing a small sofa in the bay window, which is ideal for receiving guests.

    Good advice! As a working surface, it is advisable to use a wide window sill, in the lower part of which you can place spacious cabinets for office equipment or papers.

    In the bedroom in the bay window you can place a mini gym, equip a relaxation area, create a kind of winter garden or put a spacious chest of drawers with a large dressing table in a wooden frame, creating a beauty zone.

    Horizontal lines in the design of bay windows visually expand the space

    Design of a living room with a bay window

    When designing a room with a bay window in a niche, you can arrange a place for comfortable rest, receiving guests and drinking tea. Here you can install a small cozy sofa or a compact coffee table with a pair of soft comfortable chairs. This place will be convenient for evening gatherings or friendly tea parties. In the bay window, you can equip a place for a mini dance floor or put a home theater. Inspiring photos of living rooms with a bay window will help to recreate a calming warm atmosphere in the living room.

    The bay window is the brightest place in the room, so you can place a small home greenhouse here. Among the plants, you can put small statues and an indoor fountain. Such an extraordinary decision will fill the room with serenity and tranquility. Photos of the design of the living room with a bay window clearly demonstrate the various options for decorating the room.

    The bay window easily becomes the favorite place in the whole house.

    With the help of drywall constructions, the free space is transformed into a comfortable couch with a small library under it. You can separate the space in the niche from the total area of ​​the room by hanging thick curtains for the bay window in the living room, or create an additional decorative structure in the form of an interior partition.

    In a niche, you can organize a workplace by equipping a mini office. There you can place a wide table with a computer or organize a work surface for needlework. When decorating the interior of a bay window, it is important to use a characteristic textile decor.

    A bay window niche is a great option for organizing a workplace

    If a beautiful panorama of nature opens from the windows of a bay window, you should not drape them with heavy dark curtains. For a bay window in the living room, the photos clearly show the design options for the room, it is better to choose an airy transparent tulle, which will give free access to natural light. To control the intensity of sunlight entering a room with a bay window, a good option is to use different types of blinds. You can make the atmosphere cozy and comfortable, so that it is conducive to peace and relaxation, with the help of textile decor in the form of soft curtains, lambrequins and tassels.

    Good advice! When choosing curtains, you should avoid products with rich colors and ornate patterns, which will noticeably weigh down the overall design.

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