Significado de samuel: Samuel significado bíblico ¿Qué significa según la Biblia? Definición bíblica

Significado de samuel: Samuel significado bíblico ¿Qué significa según la Biblia? Definición bíblica

Significado y origen de Samuel

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Origen de Samuel:




Significado de Samuel

Es un nombre inventado por el escritor Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), a partir de un anagrama de las primeras sílabas de Esther Vanhomrigh. Ésta era hija de un comerciante holandés instalado en Dublín, que fue su alumna, hasta su muerte en 1723 a los 33 años


Es bohemia y soñadora. Le gusta estar rodeada de gente, pero necesita su espacio de soledad para pensar y tomar decisiones. En el trabajo es muy inquieta y puntual.

Onomástica de Samuel:

1 Noviembre

Se llaman así

Vanessa Paradis (cantante y actriz).

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Samuel Significado Bíblico | Diccionario Bíblico

Samuel significado bíblico, Samuel en la Biblia, significado de Samuel.

Samuel en la Biblia fue un profeta registrado en el Antiguo Testamento. Son muchas las lecciones que podemos aprender de él, ya que en todo momento fue un hombre fiel y obediente a Dios. Su historia inicia cuando su madre, Ana, como consecuencia de su esterilidad decide orar con fervor para que el Señor le diera un hijo. Dios se lo concedió y Ana se lo ofreció antes de nacer. Siendo Samuel un niño, de aproximadamente 4 años, fue enviado al tabernáculo para que se pusiera al servicio del sacerdote. A medida que iba creciendo, Samuel se ganaba la gracia de Dios.

Samuel, etimológicamente, viene del hebreo שְׁמוּאֵל (Šəmûʼēl) que significa “Dios escucha”. Y es que desde el principio Dios escuchó a Ana, eso lo podemos constatar en 1 Samuel 1. Además, posteriormente, Samuel escucha la voz de Dios, la cual confundió al principio con la del sacerdote Eli. Al contárselo, Eli le sugirió que respondiera al Señor y así lo hizo Samuel: «Y vino el Señor y se paró, y llamó como las otras veces: ¡Samuel, Samuel! Entonces Samuel dijo: Habla, porque tu siervo oye» (1 Samuel 3:10).

Fue allí cuando Dios le contó lo que sucedería a Eli. No eran buenas noticias, pero Samuel obedeció y se lo contó todo. Eli con resignación, aceptó el mensaje. Años después, Samuel tuvo que enfrentar situaciones difíciles, como por ejemplo ungir al rey Saul, el primero de los israelitas, por petición de ellos mismos. Samuel no quería, ya que podía intuir las consecuencias de que el pueblo fuera liderado por un monarca terrenal. Sin embargo, Dios le dejó claro que el rechazo era hacia Él y lo envió a ungirlo. Luego, Dios rechazó a Saúl y David tomó su lugar. Nuevamente, la obediencia de Samuel es muy notable.

Ante todo, Samuel se aferró a la oración y siempre pidió el consejo de Dios, por eso sus decisiones, aunque no fueran fáciles e, incluso, a veces dolorosas, terminaban siendo las mejores porque estaban guiadas correctamente.

Hemos encontrado los siguientes pasajes que hablan de Samuel:

1 Samuel 1:1
Nacimiento de Samuel Hubo un varón de Ramataim de Zofim, del monte de Efraín, que se llamaba Elcana hijo de Jeroham, hijo de Eliú, hijo de Tohu, hijo de Zuf, efrateo.

1 Samuel 3:1
Jehová llama a Samuel El joven Samuel ministraba a Jehová en presencia de Elí; y la palabra de Jehová escaseaba en aquellos días; no había visión con frecuencia.

1 Samuel 3:6
Y Jehová volvió a llamar otra vez a Samuel. Y levantándose Samuel, vino a Elí y dijo: Heme aquí; ¿para qué me has llamado? Y él dijo: Hijo mío, yo no he llamado; vuelve y acuéstate.

1 Samuel 3:9
Y dijo Elí a Samuel: Ve y acuéstate; y si te llamare, dirás: Habla, Jehová, porque tu siervo oye. Así se fue Samuel, y se acostó en su lugar.

1 Samuel 3:11
Y Jehová dijo a Samuel: He aquí haré yo una cosa en Israel, que a quien la oyere, le retiñirán ambos oídos.

Which Elite are you according to your zodiac sign? He is the soul of any company, loves to tell interesting stories and is always looking for where to have a good time. He does not trade for trifles, he likes to play for high stakes. He does not bother about his studies, although, as practice has shown, if he tries, he can get excellent grades.

In fact, Valerio is very sensitive — he is capable of deep feelings, but he hides it hard from the rest, like any good Aries 🙂

♉ Taurus — Samuel

Samuel — a typical Taurus. He is practical and incredibly stubborn. It is difficult for him to adapt to the new, he is rather more conservative, both in matters of relationships and life in general. Before acting, he develops a plan for a long time — as was the case with his impromptu investigation — and is very worried if something gets out of the usual scheme (but does not get lost and immediately gets out).

A homebody, he would rather stay in the apartment and cook pasta than go out to hang out — it’s just that Taurus likes to be in their own little cozy world 🙂

♊ Gemini — Carla

Carla is a complex and ambiguous character. She is distinguished by independence, cold determination and an eternal desire to do things her own way. What betrays Gemini in her is the ability to manipulate — the representatives of this sign, in fact, are still manipulators. Carla knows how to set up the people around her so that they fulfill her small and not very whims;)

But, like any Gemini, Carla has another side that is revealed in a relationship with Samuel — she turns out to be a vulnerable and loving girl. nine0003

♋ Cancer — Guzmán

For Guzmán, family and its values ​​come first. He is a wonderful older brother for Marina, always ready to protect her and worries about her every action as if it were his own (or maybe even more). He is sensitive and emotional, so it is incredibly difficult for him to come to terms with the loss. He may never completely move away from this and will mentally return to the memories of his beloved sister in difficult situations.

What stands out from the picture is Guzman’s aggression, which is not inherent in Cancers a priori. However, the older he gets, the better he manages to control himself — and this is already an indicator of representatives of this sign 🙂

♌ Leo — Lu

Lu — one hundred percent Leo, there is no doubt about it. She loves to be the center of attention and hates being second. Good competition only spurs her to fight. She does not mind competing and proving to everyone once again that there is simply no better than her in this world.

At the same time, Lou is a great friend, sister, girlfriend (you can underline everything twice). Three weeks with Guzman at the end of the world to support him after the death of his sister, the risk of dropping out of school in order to help Carla on a chemistry test, finally taking care of Valerio — all this is Lou and her love for others 🙂

♍ Virgo — Nadya

Nadya also likes to compete for first place, but she uses completely different methods. She is hardworking and patient, can spend hours on homework until it is perfect — in general, she has quite a lot of features from the Virgin. She is practical, and her work in her father’s shop definitely taught her that.

Interestingly, Virgos usually have their minds in the first place, and only then feelings — and this is definitely about Nadya. It seems that in the end she still breaks down, chooses love and forgets about everything else. But no, Nadia remains true to herself and follows her goal to the end, even if it means that she will have to part with her loved one. nine0003

♎ Libra — Omar

Omar is perhaps the most calm representative of this company. Only he could endure all Ander’s outbursts to the last 🙂 Although, as we can see, Libra also has a limit of patience — in the end, he still broke. This sign changes its mind five times a day — constantly weighs every decision and cannot come to a consensus with itself.

This is how Omar behaves in a relationship — he doubts, then pushes away, then brings Ander closer to him.

♏ Scorpio — Cayetana

Cayetana is one of the most controversial characters in Elite. On the one hand, her dual nature could easily be written down as Gemini, but on the other hand, everything with her is not at all as simple as it seems at first glance.

By nature, Scorpios are very flexible guys — they know how to adapt to any situation, and this is just about Cayetana. They will fight for their own to the last, but by the end of the journey they may suddenly realize that this is not at all what they want (because they went through a drastic transformation along the way). Something like this happened with Cayetana — she tried to make money by any convenient means, and in the end she unexpectedly gave up her wealth and returned to her roots. nine0003

♐ Sagittarius — Ander

Ander hates when someone encroaches on his freedom and personal space, he is annoyed by monotony and routine. He is easy-going, always ready to break somewhere and loves to philosophize, so the Sagittarius sign suits him perfectly. It cannot be said that he is distinguished by perseverance — he would have to travel with his soulmate, and not that’s all.

In relationships, by the way, he is surprisingly constant for Sagittarius, but, probably, all because he met his true love — in this case, Sagittarius really calm down, stopping looking and directing their energy to loved ones 🙂

♑ Capricorn — Rebecca

Rebecca is «her girl», says what she thinks and prefers to stay close to people as simple and sincere as herself. She feels inner strength — something that every Capricorn can boast of. True, she does not differ in diligence, but not all representatives of this sign are ready to study and work 24/7, as is commonly believed.

But Rebecca knows exactly what she wants from life, and clearly goes to her goals — not always in standard ways, which once again confirms her belonging to the sign of Capricorn 🙂

♒ Aquarius — Marina

Marina — bright, freedom-loving, always breaking the rules, not like everyone else. It is difficult for her to choose a zodiac sign, there are just as many of Gemini and Sagittarius in her, but Aquarius is still closer to her. She does not want to put up with the usual foundations and does a lot out of a sense of contradiction — Aquarians in adolescence are still rebels 🙂

Unfortunately, this does not bring her to anything good, but even in the most difficult situations, Marina does not give up and simply adapts — an excellent quality that many Aquarians can boast of. nine0003

♓ Pisces — Polo

One of the leading features of the Polo is the statement. He easily adapts and obeys other people’s instructions, but he does not possess leadership qualities at all. Pisces are just like that, management and delegation are not about them, it is easier for them to work under someone else’s supervision. In addition, Polo is quite good with intuition, he perfectly feels the state of other people, so this sign suits him perfectly.

By the way, throughout the series, he often appeared in T-shirts with fish — maybe that was a sign 🙂

Bonus! Compatibility of main couples

🍝 Gemini + Taurus

Earth and air signs usually get along well — one in such a pair always grounds, and the other reminds that material values ​​​​and problems are far from all that you need to think about in this life. Carla and Samuel turned out to be an amazingly harmonious couple (this is, of course, not only in astrology) — from that series when two completely different people really make up an ideal combination. It remains only to hope that they will find each other again when they grow up 🙂

💘 Cancer + Virgo

Water and earth signs are a much more complex combination, but at the same time, if everything goes well, really deep feelings form between them. Practical Virgos can have a hard time with extremely sensitive and emotional Cancers at first, but if both work on the relationship, then everything works out. The story of Nadia and Guzman began very sweetly and tenderly, but towards the end, Guzman seemed to be left alone in this relationship — he was the only one working on them, while Nadia took a step back. But this does not mean that everything should end badly — they may well get their happily ever after. nine0003

💜 Libra + Sagittarius

Of all the couples here, Omar and Ander is the “easy” union. Air and fire signs usually get along remarkably well. And although Sagittarius in this regard most ideally converge with Gemini, because their worldview overlaps in many ways, Libra also gets a good picture. Because Sagittarians, in principle, need someone who does not put much pressure on the brain and is able to endure their kicks 🙂

🔥 Aries + Leo

Fire and fire — it is not surprising that the relationship between Lou and Valerio turned out to be so passionate, sensual and hot. Aries and Leo are an anguish, endless disputes and the most memorable adventures. Unfortunately, full-fledged relationships for life with these two signs are extremely rare. But the fact that these are memories for a lifetime and feelings that will remain in the heart forever is definitely true. nine0003

Margarita Mishina


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Biography | Samuel Buck.

Difficult road

Samuel Bak was born on August 12, 1933 in Vilna in an educated, middle-class, cultured family.

On June 24, 1941, the Nazis occupied Vilna and ordered the Jews to wear the yellow Jewish star. Eight-year-old Buck made these decals for himself, his parents, and his extended family.

On September 6, the deportation of Jews to the Vilna ghetto began. Samuel’s father was sent to a forced labor camp, and the boy himself and his mother managed to escape from the ghetto and hide in the house of Yanina Rushkevich, his grandfather’s sister, who converted to Christianity in her youth. Janina found refuge for refugees in a Benedictine monastery, where the nun Maria Mikulska took the talented child under her protection and even found paints and paper so that he could continue to paint. nine0003

When the Nazis began to suspect that the Benedictines were connected with the Soviets, they installed military surveillance in the monastery. The Buck family was forced to return to the ghetto again.

In March 1943, poets Avrom Sutzkever and Shmerke Kacherginsky invited nine-year-old Buck to take part in an exhibition organized in the ghetto. In the same year, feeling that the end was approaching, the poets decided to transfer to Baku for safekeeping the book Pinkas Hakeilot, a list of the Jewish community of the city. Paper at that time was a rarity and the white pages of the book attracted the young artist. For the next two years, Samuel painted in the margins and blank pages of Pinkas Hakeilot. nine0003

Buck’s father was sent to the forced labor camp HKP 562 (Heeres Kraftfahr Park — one of the units of the engineering troops of the Wehrmacht). Samuel and his mother got to the camp later, after the liquidation of the ghetto on September 24th.

On March 27, 1944, a children’s action took place in the camp — 250 children were killed. Buck’s mother fled, taking advantage of the confusion. Samuel himself was hiding under a bed in one of the barracks. A few days later, his father carried him out of the camp in a bag of sawdust. Outside the camp, he handed it to a woman: it was agreed in advance that Samuel’s mother’s scarf would be in her hands. It was Yanina Rushkevich’s maid, who sent her to fetch the child. Samuel and his mother were again forced to seek refuge. Again they had to make their way to the Benedictine monastery, where they hid for 11 months before being released. nine0003

Ten days before the liberation of Vilna, on July 2-3, the prisoners of the concentration camp, including the artist’s father, were rounded up and shot in Ponary.

After his release, Buck took drawing lessons from prof. Serafinowicz. Having had Polish citizenship before the war, the family had the right to return to Poland. So they ended up in Lodz, where the future artist studied with prof. Richtarsky.

After a short stay in Berlin in 1945, Samuel and his mother arrived at the Landsberg camp for displaced persons. Here they met Natan Markovsky, who worked in the camp administration and was also a Holocaust survivor. Subsequently, he became the adoptive father of the boy. nine0003

Buck was soon sent to Munich to study with prof. Blocherer. He became a regular in the city’s museums and studied German expressionism well.

In 1947, David Ben-Gurion visited Bad Reichenhall, where an exhibition of works by the talented Jewish boy Samuel Bak was organized in his honor. Bak’s work is written about in Jewish newspapers — in Hebrew «Davar Hashavua» and in Yiddish «Forvets» in New York.

At the age of 15, in 1948, Samuel arrives in Israel on the Pan York ship. He brings with him many of his works created in the camp for displaced persons in Landsberg. nine0003

In 1952, on the eve of military service, he studied at the Academy of Arts. Bezalel.

1953-1956 — service in the Israeli army.

In 1955, Peter Fry, one of the most famous theatrical figures in Israel, invited Baku to work on theatrical scenery and costumes.

In 1956 he came to Paris and entered the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

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