Sintomas de embarazos raros: 10 señales de embarazo poco habituales

Sintomas de embarazos raros: 10 señales de embarazo poco habituales

9 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms No One Warns You About

There are some pregnancy symptoms that everyone seems to know about, like nausea, weird cravings, frequent urination. But there are other pregnancy signs that you might never have expected. Understand what they are, when to expect them, and what to do about them.

1. Leaky Boobs

Everyone know that breasts and nipples get sore during pregnancy. But some women notice fluid leaking from their nipples during pregnancy.  The liquid is called colostrum, which is a highly nutritious early form of milk. Colostrum leakage during pregnancy is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

When it happens: As early as 14 weeks.

What to do about it: if it bothers you, you can try putting a tissue or a nursing pad in your bra to absorb it.

2. Exhaustion

One of the first signs that many pregnant women notice is extreme exhaustion. You might struggle to stay awake during the day and fall asleep much earlier than your normal bedtime. No one knows exactly what causes pregnancy fatigue, but it’s likely related to rapidly increasing levels of the hormone progesterone.

When it happens: Exhaustion is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that many women notice, sometimes even before they get a positive pregnancy test. It often continues throughout the first trimester, subsides during the second trimester, and returns during the third trimester, when your growing bump and aches and pains make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.

What to do about it: the best way to treat first trimester exhaustion is to get plenty of rest! You’re growing a baby after all, and it takes a lot of work.

3. Metallic Taste

For something that no one seems to talk about, having a metallic taste in your mouth is a surprisingly common early pregnancy symptom. Called dysgeusia, some women experience it as like sucking on pennies or aluminum foil. It is thought to be caused by increased levels of the hormone estrogen, which plays a role in moderating sense of taste and smell.

When it happens: dysgeusia usually occurs in the first trimester and clears up by the second trimester.

What to do about it: acidic foods can help balance the bitter, metallic taste. Try sour candies, citrus juices, and foods marinated in vinegar (pickles, anyone?).

4. Painful Orgasms

It’s normal for your uterus to contract during orgasm—this happened before you were pregnant. But uterine changes during pregnancy can cause these normal contractions to feel prolonged and uncomfortable. Don’t worry—it doesn’t mean you’re going into labor, and it’s not dangerous for you or the baby (and some women actually find that increased blood flow to the uterus makes orgasms feel better!). Another really weird fact about orgasms during pregnancy: the uterine contractions can cause your belly to briefly form a pointed shape!

When it happens: Second trimester and beyond.

What to do about it: If orgasms feel uncomfortable, unfortunately there isn’t much to be done about it besides not have them. And that’s no fun!

5. Gas Pain

Starting from when you first learn that you are pregnant, you may experience digestive distress. It feels like you have gas, only way, way worse than you’ve ever had before. Usually, that’s exactly what it is. The high progesterone levels during the first trimester slow down the digestive process and relax the intestinal muscles. As a result, food remains in your colon longer, which allows more gas to develop and sometimes leading to excruciating gas pain. The pain may stay in one area or travel throughout your belly, back, and chest. As your pregnancy progresses, your growing uterus puts pressure on your internal organs, slowing digestion further and allowing gas to build up.

When it happens: All throughout pregnancy

What to do about it: Eat small, frequent meals rather than three large meals. Drink plenty of water. Avoid carbonated beverages and high fiber foods that are more difficult to digest such as beans and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage). Exercise can also help alleviate gas pain.

6. Thicker, Shinier Hair

Unlike most other pregnancy symptoms, you probably won’t mind this one: many women notice that their nails grow faster, and their hair looks thicker and shinier.

You’re not actually growing more hair, you’re just shedding less than you usually do. When you’re not pregnant, about 85 percent of your hair is in a “growing stage” and the other 15 percent is in a “resting stage.” The resting hair eventually falls out on its own and is replaced by new growth. A woman who isn’t pregnant sheds an average of 100 hairs per day.

During pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen prolong the growing phase, resulting in less hair falling out. The hormonal changes may also cause your hair to appear shinier. Enjoy it while it lasts, because everything goes back to normal after you give birth.

When it happens: You may start to notice it during the second trimester.

What to do about it: Fancy hair-do! Also, if you notice that hair is growing faster in places where you don’t want it to—like your upper lip, nipples, and stomach—you may want to get out the tweezers or visit your local waxer (but avoid hair bleaching and depilatories).

7. Stretch Marks Everywhere

More than half of all pregnant women get the dreaded pink, red, or purple streaks referred to as stretch marks. And they don’t just appear on your bump; they can also turn up on your butt, thighs, hips, and breasts. They are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue that appear under your skin as it’s stretched during pregnancy. Genetics determine whether you’re prone to developing them.

When it happens: Between 12 – 21 weeks of pregnancy

What to do about it: There are all manner of creams, gels, and herbal remedies said to reduce or prevent stretch marks, but no method has been proven effective at removing them. Moisturizing can make you more comfortable, but it won’t do anything to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Rapid weight gain can intensify stretch marks, so gaining at a moderate pace can help a bit. But again, there is no surefire way to prevent stretch marks, so the best solution is to wear them with pride!


Vaginal Vericose Veins

During pregnancy, increase in blood volume and decrease in blood flow to the lower body can put pressure on your veins. You may have heard about how this can contribute to varicose veins in your legs, but did you know it can also cause varicose veins in your vulva?

Symptoms of vulvar varicosities include a feeling of fullness or swelling in the vaginal area. In severe cases, the dilated vessels can look like worms. Long periods of standing, exercise, and sex can aggravate the condition.

When it happens: The risk is greatest during the third trimester.

What to do about it: Pressure can help minimize the discomfort. You can look for support garments specially designed for this condition. And if your exercise routine seems to be making things worse, consider switching to swimming. The water helps lift the baby and improve blood flow from your pelvis. Other things that promote circulation can also help, like elevating your hips on a pillow when lying down. And if none of these remedies work, don’t fear—vulvar varicosities usually go away on their own a month or two after delivery.

9. Darker Skin

Dark patches on the face—called melasma—are common during pregnancy. Sometimes called the mask of pregnancy, these areas of increased pigmentation typically appear around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead.

Melasma is thought to be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy, which can temporarily increase the amount of melanin your body produces. Melanin is the natural substance that creates pigmentation in your skin.

When it happens: Usually during the first trimester

What to do about it: Sun exposure can make melasma worse, so be sure to use sun block and wear a hat with a brim when you’re outside. And rest assured that for most women, the mask of pregnancy fades on its own within a few months after delivery


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Embarazo: estos son algunos síntomas raros en las primeras semanas – Salud

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De acuerdo con expertos, estas manifestaciones no suelen asociarse con un embarazo al principio.  

Seleccione el creador del articulo en configuracion del este modulo

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El signo más temprano de embarazo y la razón por la cual la mayoría de las embarazadas consultan al médico es la falta de período menstrual. De acuerdo con los manuales Merck de diagnóstico y terapia, las mujeres sexualmente activas en edad reproductiva cuya menstruación se retrasa por más de una semana, pueden tomar esta señal como signo de embarazo.  

(Siga leyendo: Embarazo: ¿qué ejercicios puede hacer durante el periodo de gestación?)

Se considera que el embarazo dura 266 días desde el momento de la concepción o 280 días desde el último período menstrual si los períodos se producen regularmente cada 28 días. Existen una serie de síntomas dicientes que no suelen ser tan comunes, pero pueden ser útiles para un diagnóstico. 

(Además: Leche materna: ¿cuáles son sus beneficios nutricionales?)

Desarrollan nanorrobots para tratar infecciones

Consumo insuficiente de frutas y verduras, la causa de varias enfermedades

Se sabe que el embarazo puede hacer que las mamas se agranden debido a un aumento de los niveles de estrógenos (principalmente) y de progesterona (una extensión de la ingurgitación mamaria premenstrual), sin embargo, de acuerdo al medio Natalben, algunos otros síntomas del inicio de un embarazo pueden ser: 

1) Diarrea, gases, flatulencia. Pueden aparecer síntomas gastrointestinales diferentes a las náuseas y vómitos como la diarrea o el aumento de los gases. En un porcentaje bajo de embarazadas puede presentarse en vez de estreñimiento (que es lo más habitual), diarrea que no suele ser severa. 

(De su interés: Píldora anticonceptiva para hombres logra 99 % de efectividad) 

2) Infecciones vaginales como cándida. En muchos casos, se produce un olor diferente al habitual en las secreciones vaginales, que incluso puede hacerle sospechar de la existencia de alguna infección. La infección vaginal más frecuente en el embarazo es la presencia de una infección vaginal por el hongo cándida. Y es más frecuente en mujeres que la han padecido con anterioridad.

3) Goteo nasal constante. Esta vascularización aumentada de las mucosas hace que la gestante tenga la sensación de una secreción muy abundante por la nariz. Esta secreción es parecida a la que tiene una persona alérgica, con mocos muy abundantes, transparentes y líquidos. Suele empeorar por las noches. Es la denominada rinitis del embarazo.

4) Insomnio y despertares nocturnos, Aunque lo más típico en el embarazo es la aparición de somnolencia, sensación de cansancio, o tener tendencia a dormir más horas, es posible la aparición de insomnio. El más frecuente es el que se denomina insomnio por despertar precoz, es decir, el que no implica el momento de conciliar el sueño.

(Lea también: Cardiopatías congénitas afectan a uno de cada tres menores en Colombia)

En general, se usan análisis de orina y a veces de sangre para confirmar o excluir el embarazo; usualmente, los resultados son precisos varios días antes de la ausencia del período menstrual y a menudo unos pocos días después de la concepción.

Más noticias de Salud

-Estudio confirma que vacunación anticovid es efectiva en población gestante

-Imputan a Sanofi por falta de control sobre medicamento contra epilepsia

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El vómito puede tener sees colors: Qué significa en cada caso


Why do you change the color of your hair?

Vomiting is like an accident. This is the phrase that accompanies Variety of Addictions, which is one of the most common chronic infections.

A little, in the color of the curve, which means that your body will complete each stage of caress. For example, food triggered by the flu can be commented on in green or amber.

Los vómitos Que solo duran uno o dos días generalmente se ne is considered grobovima. It could just be the body’s reaction to irritation in the intestines, or a form of dehydration from women’s hair in the stomach.

Emetic episodes are usually associated with delusions that affect food intoxication. You experiment with the cycle of voumites duramitos semanas o meses, you may be the cause of chronic affect.

I hope to know what you can do when it comes to color and when you want to consult a doctor.

Sig Qué signian los distinguishes boje del vómito?

claroblanco y espumosoverde or amarillonaranjarosado or rojo (con sangre) cafenegro Cyclic food crisis ✓ Dano en la garganta, la boca o las encías ✓ ✓ ✓ Food intoxication ✓ ✓ h Lung infections ✓ Gastric saline obstruction ✓ gastritis ✓ gastroenteritis ✓ ✓ ✓ influenza and ziazia ✓ frequent hepatodystrophy ✓ Mallory ✓ ✓ ✓ sta Malestares matutinos ✓ ✓ ✓ Úlcera péptica ✓ ✓ ✓ Constipación severa ✓ ✓ ✓ Cancer score ✓

What does it mean to be clear?

Volute clare suele ocurrir después de haber vomitado varias veces y de vaciar effectively el el estomago de su contenido alimenticio.

This subtitle is the result of such attachments as:

  • Malestares Matutinos
  • Escheries virus
  • Migraine ± like
  • Food poisoning
  • Cyclic trajectory

In Estonian Vomitandov Bilis. La bilis suele be amarilla o verde.

He also said that it could be causative:

  • Obstruction of the stomach with salts. It is the eye when the stomach is completely blocked by something like a tumor or an ulcer. When it comes to this type of obstruction, the child is unable to walk, including saliva or water.
  • Crane injury. Some people experiment with frequent and severe traumatic brain injury. En casos severos, el vómito claro puede ser una señal de daño cerebral.

What do you mean by white or spicy?

El vómito puede ser blanco si ima comido algo blanco, como ice cream or treat.

It is also possible to produce large quantities of gases and gases. Debes is more than ever a job and search consultant.

Emotions that cause excess gas include:

  • Gastric reflux or gastroesophageal refractive error (ERGE). Refrains from the effect of gastric juice on the esophagus from the side of the stomach. Other symptoms include feeling arrogant gargoyle, pain in the oven, and a challenge to try.
  • Gastritis. You can re-inform yourself about other things. You can refuse some analgesics for a long time or abuse alcohol. Other symptoms include indigestion lingering in the upper abdomen and neck.

What do you mean by green or amaryllis?

El Vómito verde amarillo puede indicar Que estás expulsando un líquido llamado bilis. This is a liquid created by the creature of billiards.

It has always been a motive of concern. You see that you have affection for me, that’s why you still live there. This includes an intestinal virus or male maturity.

Bowel obstruction can also be called green or amber. Esto generalmente discusses herlia biliares o una hernija. Other symptoms include loss of appetite, constipation, and abdominal cramps.

What does it mean to be born?

Podrias ver vómito anaranjado en las primeras horas de una enfermedad que causa vómitos. The color may be permanent between meals, and orange is the color of certain edible parts of the food.

But I guess more than one or two of them, orange orange in general, is not a cause for concern.

Voumit anaranjado is causado comunmente por:

  • Alcohol intoxication due to contaminated food. Other symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cavity and fibroids.
  • Gastroenteritis or estomach flu. This virus causes contact with an infected person or consumption of food and contaminated water. Other symptoms include low fiber levels, muscle pain, and abdominal pain.
  • Influenza or influenza. This experience can be commented sharply. The symptoms are similar to those of being in a refrigerator with nasal discharge and a garland. Medida Que advanza, es posible que desarrolles fibebre persiste, umora, escalofrios y dolor de cabeza.
  • Migrants. If you have a migraine, experiment with intensive care. You can spend several hours, including the following days. If it is possible that vienta is not required for vomiting and alcanza migraine is punto maximo, the experiment will be repeated and remain valid.
  • Family relations with the embassy (masculine). Medida que las harmonis se akumulira y el cuerpo durante el embarazo, puedes sentir náusea y tener vómitos. 55% of the females in the pack are test subjects. He is also affected by the fact that he is a little tired of maturity, he always wants to close at any moment.


  • Appendicitis
  • Disease
  • Chemotherapy
  • Internal infection
  • Some drugs

In these cases, the son of anarana was dodgy. Es perhaps que el vómito of these colored paints.

What do you mean by red or red (with blood)?

Vomitar grandes cantidades de sangre también se llama hematemesis. If you want to be pink or bright red, you can also wear black or dark brown.

Debes advisor for this fashion always and here rosado, rojo o con sangre.

In years a woman with blood can be a sign:

  • Food intolerance
  • I dream of finding a lesson in a bottle
  • Coagulation tractors
  • Congenital defects

Daño en la garganta, boca o encías por toser or vomitar. Exiling the song to some beautiful place cannot be motivated by anxiety. But you can find a meaningful idea of ​​the possibility of having a young coffee, you can take care of your doctor to get rid of a lot of emotions.

  • Look at beautiful or unhealthy vases. These lesions are very common in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This includes the bottle, esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine.
  • Amyloidosis. This is due to the accumulation of protein in vital organs. If possible, experiment with desde diarrea hasta hinchazón y vómitos con sangre.
  • Liver failure. A disease that mainly affects people with liver disease. Suele causar coloración amarillenta de la piel o en el blanco de los ojos. Other symptoms include abdominal pain, upper abdominal pain, and confusion.
  • Desgarro de Mallory-Weiss. Refer to es esfafa again and the result was episodes de vómitos frecuentes and exclusively fuertes.
  • What do you mean by vortex?

    Here are the possible causes of votive vulture.

    In muchos casos the color of the flowers is realized and unusual. You can drop by the molido claro cafe, where you will be advised on work. This occurs as a result of peptic ulcer, amyloidosis and other diseases affecting the grave.

    Northern bell constipation can cause vomiting in the morning. This affects digestion. If you’re getting results, you need to see the material. Otros síntomas podrían includes the intensity of inhalation and abdominal pain. Refer to the changes regarding the diagnosis.

    What does a black person mean?

    Black can also be a color of life with blood. Turn on the option to have some coffee.

    Vômito podría verse negro si la sangre se oxidira debido los ácidos en el estómago. A hero in the blood of a black man in the morning over time. Dado Que la sangre ha dejado de ser de color rojo brillante, el sangrado se ha detenido o solo ocurre en una pequeña cantidad.

    El vómito negro is causado por las afecciones que causan el vómito con sangre (front detail). Debes Advisor offers the option of reinstalling diagnostics for this purpose.

    If the limbs are pocos casos, then you can see the Negroes, as a result of which the infection of hongos como la feohifomicosis occurred. Contact with black moss crops can lead to this infection. It is likely that you will be affected by something that will move from the middle of the body to the organs, or that you will be able to work in the field, working in the field of free activity.

    Want to change the texture of your food?

    In some cases, it is possible for texture text to change simply because of state content or time elapsed since the meeting started. La textura también podría cambiar has episodes of tenido in which repetitions are repeated, Primero vomitando alimentos, luego bilis and ácidos estomacales.

    These changes are not usually of any concern, but if you observe anything other than other experiments, it is recommended that you tell your doctor.

    When did you become your doctor’s consultant?

    Contact your doctor or find immediate medical help and all important information about the vowel song. I recommend: the color of blood can vary from red to black.

    No tours and llamas in your local emergency room and a woman with marine company blood, shortness of breath or a little deep in other signs of a convulsion.

    El vómito verde o amarillo también puede ser una señal de una affeción más grob, como el reflujo biliar. Si tienes factores experimentiraju o experimentima otros sítomas preocupantes, es una buena ideja konsultant tu médico.

    Tambien wrote the following:

    • no altitude 48 hours and no mejorando.
    • must not hold liquid.
    • you have signs of dehydration, including highs and lows.
    • lost weight for women.
    • diabetes. Repetitive power can affect blood sugar levels.
    • tienes dolor de pecho severo. This may indicate a heart attack.

    You should also tell your doctor about these frequent episodes. This indicates a cystic cycle caused by certain neurological disorders. Con el vómito cíclico, es pozible Que povrća a la misma hora todos los dias durante un periodo de timempo.

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